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How do I hide my eHarmony profile?


  1. Log into your account.
  2. Click on the arrow next to your photo.
  3. Click the “Data & settings” link.
  4. Under the “Profile Visibility” section, click the green slider to make your profile invisible.

How do I close my account?

Does eHarmony have private mode?

Now eHarmony is offering an elevated service, too. With this new, more expensive plan, members can pay to find the perfect match.

Can anyone see my eHarmony profile?

eHarmony is so confident about their matching formula that they permit you to view only those people who they believe are a good match for you. You indicate what personality traits interest you, and then eHarmony generates matches with these characteristics.

Can you browse profiles anonymously on eHarmony?

You can browse anonymously on Tranzd.com to see recent visitors to your profile. Premium membership offers additional features and is available for purchase after a Harmony trial period.

Does eHarmony show every time you view a profile?

Unfortunately, they do automatically refresh data by invisibly opening profiles in order to collect data from them. So, yes, if you’re running the “My Matches” script every woman on your list will get the idea that you are reading their profile each time you run it.

Does harmony tell if you screenshot?

If they never try to message you and do not see the option to contact you, this means they have blocked you.

Can I get my money back?

If you’ve signed up for a free membership that hasn’t granted full access to our site, please know that closing your account will not result in a refund of the remaining credits on your account and we won’t be able to transfer them to another member’s account. If you decide that eHarmony isn’t right for you, but would still like to use our matchmaking service at some point in the future, then simply sign back up again!
Another way of closing an eHarmony membership is by paying for all unused months of the subscription at one time using a credit card or PayPal account. To do this:
Log in to www.eharmony.com Click “Account” in the upper right corner of your screen Select “Subscription Settings” Enter your information into the payment form that comes up Review and agree to the terms of sale Confirm order

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