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How do I link my castle clash account?


As a result, please link your account as soon as possible so you may continue playing after the update! 1. To access the Link interface: 1. Go to Settings and choose Link OR 2. Tap on the Account Linking icon under the Honor Badges symbol.

CASTLE CLASH How to link your old account/gmail account (Proof video)

Castle Clash: How to link your accounts

How do I transfer my castle clash account?

You must first log in using Facebook, Google Play, or Game Center on the original device with the progress you wish to preserve. Once your progress has been secured, you may recover it from other gadgets by signing in with the same account!

How do I recover my castle clash account?

If you’re connected to an account that does not have a game center, log back into the acct that your secound was linked to then close the app so that the village can communicate with the game center it is linked to. Reopen the game in the 2nd village and double-check they are linked. Close out of Game Center and sign back in using your desirable account after relaunching the program.

Can you transfer castle clash from Android to Iphone?

You can not, therefore you must have a device with that OS. You cannot move information across platforms; however, an emulator for the platform you want to play on may be used instead.

What is IGG account?

The IGG ID is a unique account number that may be used to access all IGG games and services, and it is the same for every player. It’s best if you use your current IGG IDs instead of creating new ones so you can take advantage of future game deals.

What is IGG ID?

You’ll have just one IGG ID for all of the IGG games installed on the same device. nAn IGG ID is a string of numbers generated for you after you initial play Lords Mobile. Your IGG ID is your game account and must be used if you want to submit bug reports or participate in future events.

How do I recover my IGG account?

You may not be able to access your registered email address right now. At the moment, this is the only method to determine if you’ve registered an email address. However, if you remember your account and password, go to www.igg.com and click the “Account Management” button.

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