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How do I pay off my o2 contract?


  1. If you want to pay your O2 Refresh bill by yourself
  2. Go to the website or call 2729.
  3. Make sure you make payments for both your Airtime Plan and Device Plan.
  4. If you’d like to pay off the rest of your Device Plan, get in touch with us.

How to check remaining balance on My O2 Pay Monthly

How to Terminate a Cell Phone Contract Without an Incurring Early Termination Fee

Can I pay off my 02 contract early?

Yes. You may make one-time payments at any time. Although the amount you pay for your Device Plan each month will decrease, the overall term will not be shortened.

Can I pay off my phone contract early?

Unfortunately, if you choose to cancel your contract, you’ll almost certainly have to pay an early termination fee. Typically, this early departure charge will include paying the rest of your contract in one payment, which is inconvenient when you want to spend money on a new phone.

What happens at the end of my O2 phone contract?

If you’re on a regular contract, you’ll just keep paying your monthly fee until you terminate, upgrade, or switch to a sim-only plan. If you’re on refresh,

How do I check my balance on O2 contract?

The quickest way to determine your balance is by logging into My O2, either online or using the app. Otherwise, you may try one of the following: On your phone, press Hotkey 2. Then *#10# after that call button should be pressed.

How much balance do I have on my phone?

On the left side of the screen, tap the three horizontal lines on the top right; then choose “Account” from the menu. Select “Payment methods” from the next menu to view your account balance.

Can I keep my number after my contract ends?

When a contract has ended and the phone number hasn’t been transferred, the number is quarantined for approximately 6 months, indicating that it should be retrievable and that you can use it again. Contact your previous network and see what they might accomplish for you.

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