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How do I permanently delete a folder in Outlook?


  1. Select the message
  2. Go to the Folders pane [To permanently delete a folder in Outlook,]
  3. select the folder.
  4. Press Shift+Del.
  5. Select Yes.

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Why does a folder keep reappearing after I delete it?

“Deleted files or folders keep reappearing” may be the result of a virus, malicious software, or other sorts of malware. Microsoft Safety Scanner is a malware removal tool that can be used to scan your computer for viruses and other types of malware and then remove them.

How do I delete a folder in my email?

Open the app: The Gmail application is accessible on both Android and iOS networks. Sign in: To create folders, sign in with your Gmail account. Menu at the top left corner: Tap the three bars menu. Delete a specific label: Scroll down to the bottom of the screen and select “Delete Label.”

How do you delete a folder which is not deleting?

To get rid of the earlier versions of your files, open the Start menu (Windows key), type run, and press Enter. In the box that appears, type cmd and hit Enter again. Delete a file or files using del /f filename where filename is the name of the file or files you want to remove (you may use commas to separate multiple filenames).

Why is a folder not deleting?

It’s possible that Windows 10 won’t remove a folder or file because one of the following reasons. The affected files/folders are currently being used by Windows 10, or you don’t have the proper permissions to delete the folder/file.

Does deleting a folder in Outlook delete emails?

When you no longer require a folder, you may delete it. The default folders, such as Drafts, Inbox, and Sent Mail, cannot be deleted. When you remove a folder, all of the email items in it are also removed.

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