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How do I permanently delete my AWS account?


Permanently delete my AWS account follow the instructions below:

  1. On the navigation bar, choose your account name, and then choose My Account.
  2. Scroll to the Close Account section. Read and understand the terms of closing your account.
  3. Select all check boxes, and then choose Close Account.

How to close an AWS account

Proper Way To Delete AWS Account Permanently

Amazon does not delete accounts! You can de-activate them, suspend them (which keeps the account information intact in case you want to restore it at some point) or terminate them. If you do not expect to use your AWS account again, we recommend that you contact us so we can migrate your resources to another user and send you the final bill. As part of our security process, all existing AWS customer accounts are reviewed on a regular basis. We may also close an account if it has been inactive for quite some time, e.g., 6 months.

As most customers know, Amazon bills monthly for most services used in your AWS account with the exception of S3 storage which is billed per usage at varying rates depending on the type of storage and the region. For example, it is common practice for our customers to stop their EC2 instances early in the morning on a regular basis, perform any required maintenance tasks and then wait until later that day or another day to start them up again. Doing so not only reduces your monthly bill but also saves you money because running an instance 24×7 with no traffic usually results in being charged the On-Demand rate which can be as high as several hundred dollars per hour depending on the type of instance used.

You should note that it’s impossible to delete specific resources; all you can do is de-activate your AWS account (by following this link ) which will immediately suspend billing for all services that are currently billed by Amazon (you may still pay Amazon for services provided by other companies, e.g., Amazon’s Elastic Load Balancing) but will retain the information of all resources that are currently running in your account (e.g., if you have an EC2 instance running, it won’t go away just because your billing is suspended).

Can you delete your AWS account without logging in?

Yes, this is a feature of the AWS account. However, there are a few exceptions when it comes to deleting an account from the AWS section. For example, if you have shared accounts that others have access to or have created Lambda functions or databases on S3 then you will have to delete the services that are connected before you can delete your account. Otherwise, there are no other restrictions on how you choose to remove your AWS account.

Will anything happen to data saved on Amazon drives with deleted accounts?

Yes, when an AWS account is deleted, any data stored in Amazon Cloud Drive or Cloud Drive Photos for that user is also removed immediately. Also, if you used Amazon WorkDocs for a team with the same name as the deleted user, this information is also immediately removed along with any access control policies applied to it. Lastly, any cross-account roles created by that user are automatically revoked.

NOTE: For more specific instructions on how to delete each account type, please go to this article Delete My AWS Account

How do I delete my AWS account if it is an organization instead of individual?

To delete an entire Organization you must first remove all accounts (including root) within the Organization. Once all your Organizations Accounts are removed, you can go to the Settings page for your Organization and click on Delete Account. If you do not remove all the accounts within this organization, then when you delete your organization all of your AWS account data will remain associated with your new account.

What are the benefits of deleting my AWS account?

When you delete an AWS account, all billing information linked to the account will be removed (including any outstanding charges for service usage). This includes removing your credit card, removing any reserve capacity commitments, and removing the associated email address.

Can I delete my AWS account without logging in?

No, you can’t delete your AWS account without logging in because a deleted user’s security credentials are immediately revoked, which makes it impossible to access that user’s resources going forward. If you only want to revoke the credentials, you can simply create an IAM user with the same name as the deleted user and then disable that IAM user.

Is reusing passwords for different services considered a security risk?

You should never reuse your password for multiple accounts, because if one account gets hacked–whether it’s on Amazon, Facebook, Walmart.com or any other service–then hackers can access all of your accounts.

You should use different passwords for every login to every site, whether you’re reusing passwords with sites like Amazon and Twitter or not. This will make sure that if somebody gains access to one of your accounts (either through phishing/social engineering tactics, guessing the password or some other form of hacking), they won’t be able to access anything else unless you also used that same username and password combination on another site. It takes just an extra couple seconds when signing up for a new account with any site to come up with a completely new password, and this will keep you safe from hackers.

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