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How do I permanently delete my Facebook account without waiting 14 days?


  1. First step is to login facebook account which you want to delete.
  2. Now facebook introduce the delete account option under Setting >> Your Facebook Information >> Deactivation and Deletion.

How To Delete Facebook Account Permanently Without Waiting For 14 Days

How to delete facebook account permanently without waiting 14 days

How do you deactivate Facebook account permanently without waiting 14 days?

Click on Facebook settings and then choose your Facebook data. Click the deactivation and removal button. Click on Permanently delete Account and then sign out.

How do you delete facebook account permanently immediately?

Open the Settings menu on your computer or phone. Select Facebook from the drop-down menu. In the left column, click Your Facebook Information. Choose Deactivation and Deletion from the drop-down menus. Choose Permanently Delete Account from the pop-up menu, then click Continue to Account Deletion.

How can I delete my Facebook account 2021 instantly?

Simply go to Settings > Security > Deactivate Your Account in your web browser. You may also deactivate your account on the Facebook mobile app for iPhone or Android by going to Settings > Account Settings > Security > Account Deactivate.

How do I delete my Facebook account from 2021?

Go to “Settings” by clicking the tab in the top right corner.Click on “Your Facebook Information.” Then go into “Deactivation or deletion.” Select “Permanently delete your account” and press “Continue.”

How do I deactivate my Facebook for 3 months?

Scroll down and select Settings from the drop-down menu. Select Account Ownership and Control from the list below Your Facebook Information, then tap Deactivation and Deletion. Select Deactivate Account and Tap Continue to Account Deactivation. Confirm your choice by following the on-screen instructions.

Why is everyone deactivating their Facebook accounts 2021?

There are a plethora of reasons why someone may choose to stop using Facebook. Privacy issues, data breaches, and inflammatory content are just a few examples of the concerns. Most people aren’t persuaded to quit Facebook for one or any combination of these reasons.

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