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How do I reactivate my deactivated Gmail account?


  1. Click on the ”gear icon”
  2. Click to the right of the email address you wish to reactivate.
  3. Click Reactivate Mailbox.
  4. Click Reactivate.
  5. Your email address is now reactivated!

How to Recover Deleted Gmail Account

How to reset Google account password

Can you reactivate a deactivated Gmail?

If your Google Account has been deleted, you may be able to recover it. If the account deletion was recent then you’ll not be able to get the data from this account back; however, if you can restore the account then you’ll be able to sign in as usual.

How do I reactivate my deactivated email account?

To reactivate your email account, go to Settings > Mail and make sure that you are signed in with the correct credentials. Click Reactivate. Your email address has been reactivated!

How can I recover my Gmail account without a password?

You can stay in control of your login information with a few simple steps First, sign in to Gmail by clicking the “Forgot Password” link. Then enter the last password you remember typing when setting up your account. Or if you don’t remember one, click “Try a different question.”

Can I call Google to recover my account?

To provide the best security for your account, Google doesn’t offer any help over the phone that may include account or password troubleshooting.

How can I recover my Google account without a phone number?

To reset your Gmail password, go to the Gmail sign-in page https://mail.google.com/ and enter your email address. Click “Forgot Password” on the sign-in form at the top of the page and click “Reset my password” in order to continue with authentication.