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How do I recover deleted contacts from my Google account?


  1. Log into your Gmail account.
  2. Click on the Gmail.
  3. Select Contacts.
  4. Select More.
  5. Select Restore Contacts.

How to Restore Deleted Contact Numbers from Google Account

How to Restore Deleted Google Contacts

How do I restore deleted contacts?

Opening the Settings app on your phone, scroll to the bottom of the menu, and tap Google. In the next screen, click Set up & Restore and then Restore contacts. From this point, you can choose which account’s data you want to restore from; if there are multiple accounts.

Does Google save deleted contacts?

The Gmail address book has a 30-day history for all of your contacts, including those that you delete. So if you accidentally delete one or more of them, just click to retrieve them.

How do I retrieve deleted Gmail?

If the email has been deleted or gone off-line, search for it in a folder labeled “Trash” or “Bin.” If you find the email, tap it open and then tap the three dots in the top right corner of your screen. This will reveal buttons to delete or archive an older email, which is especially useful if you are trying to reduce clutter in your inbox.

Why can’t I find deleted emails in Gmail?

If you can’t find an email from your Trash folder, it may be because you have accidentally deleted the email or hit the “Delete Forever” button on a message. To get these emails back, contact Google’s Gmail Support Team to ask them to recover your emails and contacts.

How can I recover my deleted Gmail emails after 2 years?

If you use Gmail, open it on the website at mail.google.com and then from the search box that is truncated by an arrow or drop-down menu (usually found above the keyboard as well) select what fields to include in your search using keywords like To: From Subject: And Date Range. Press Search and all emails that match can be retrieved for any date range.

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