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How do I recover my credit karma account?


  1. Visit the password reset page.
  2. Enter the email address you use with your Credit Karma account.

Resetting CK Login

Can I make a new credit karma account?

Why can’t I log into my credit karma account?

If you need to update your verified phone number on Credit Karma, most likely you will have to contact us. If this does not work, try accessing the site on a device and internet connection that you’ve used before when signing in.

How do I recover my credit karma account without email?

To verify your account, just visit our website on any mobile device and follow the instructions. For more information about this process, consult the first section of this article.

What happens when you deactivate Credit Karma?

If you close your Credit Karma account, you’ll no longer have access to our free credit report tools. The best way to get started is by checking out “My Next Step” for some next steps that will help establish and maintain good financial habits.

Why would Credit Karma deactivate my account?

Someone may have created a Credit Karma account without your permission. If you believe someone may have created an unauthorized Credit Karma account, reach out to our support team so they can deactivate the account that was created by a third party.

Where do I see the interest rate on my account?

You can see your current APR by viewing the Summary page of any credit card you have added to your Credit Karma account, under the Monthly Payment tab in each section. If a payment is past due or you no longer have this card in your Credit Karma account, you may still view it through old statements which are accessible in Account Settings and only via desktop at this time. For more information about these statements please refer to our Historical Statement FAQs here.

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