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How do I remove a computer from my Norton Account?


  1. Sign in to Norton.
  2. In the My Norton page, under Device Security, click View Devices/Review Devices.
  3. In the Device Security page, click the ellipse (…) icon available below the device that you want to remove.
  4. In the menu that appears, click Remove Device. In the Remove Device confirmation dialog box, click Remove.

How To Uninstall Norton Internet Security From Windows 7

Windows 10 – Remove Norton Antivirus Trial – Remove Norton Security, Ultra – Uninstall, Delete

Can I buy Norton instead of renewing?

Instead of renewing Norton AntiVirus, you may purchase and install a different Norton or Symantec program with more features. Unless you choose a longer subscription, new product purchases come with a one-year membership. You can buy a new product from the Norton website or any store.

What is the difference between Norton Security and Norton 360?

The most notable distinction between the two services is that Norton 360 includes Secure VPN, PC SafeCam, and Dark Web Monitoring. It also gives more online storage for PC backups and files. Please go to our webpage on the comparison of Norton 360 with Norton Security services for further information.

How can I tell if Norton is installed on my computer?

Open the Start menu by pressing the “Windows” key on your keyboard, then select the “Norton AntiVirus” icon. Check to see whether the first box is green and has the word “Secure.”

How do I remove Norton from my IPAD?

Navigate to Settings from the Home screen. To access the list of installed applications, go to Apps, Application, or Applications Manager depending on your Android OS version. From the list of apps, select Norton Family. Tap Uninstall.

How do I remove Norton from Chrome?

To create multiple bookmarks, open Google Chrome. On the top-right corner of your browser, click Customize and control Google Chrome , then Settings. In the left pane, click Extensions. Next to Norton Safe Web in the Extensions page, move the slider to enable or disable the extension.

Do I have to uninstall my old Norton before installing new Norton?

If you’re upgrading an existing Norton product to a later version, you don’t have to uninstall it first. The installation process removes the old version and puts in the new one.

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