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How do I remove a domain from Zoho?


  1. Login to www.zoho.com/mail as Super Administrator.
  2. Click Control Panel.
  3. Go to Domains.
  4. Remove email hosting for any domain you have added if email hosting is in an enabled state
  5. Click on the dark mail icon in the domain.

How to delete an organization and join a new one – Zoho Vault

If you’re a domain owner and have full administrative rights over your account, you can remove your own domain from Zoho. Here’s how:

Log in to your Domain Dashboard. Click the Configure tab. Under ‘Domain Settings’ click the Remove link next to the Manage DNS option – it is shown when there are domains registered under that account that support this feature. On the warning message that comes up click Yes. Your domain is now removed and no longer shows as an available name for new subdomains. Note: If there are other domains registered under your account that are using the Zoho DNS service then they may not be able to be deleted immediately, since this functionality might result in system instability if done too quickly. To delete them first remove them from all the websites that are using them and then proceed to remove them.

For more information about renaming domains, please see this article.

What are Zoho Domains? How do I obtain a domain name for my website? Zoho Domains is our new domain registration service. It helps you register your own domain names quickly and easily at low prices along with premium services such as domain forwarding and email forwarding (forwarding allows you to direct incoming requests on a specific domain name to another web address), over 20 DNS management options, etc. You can use it free of cost after creating your account – that too without any ads! For more details, visit https://domains.zoho.com.

How to Delete Your Zoho Mail Account

How much do domains cost at Zoho Domains?

Zoho Domains offers a number of different domain name pricing plans for you to choose from. The monthly charges, domain name prices, and benefits offered may vary depending on the plan chosen by you. You can learn more about them here: https://domains.zoho.com/plans/.

What is the renewal policy of Zoho domains? Can I renew my domain just a few days before it expires? What happens if I don’t renew within that time frame?

The renewal policy depends entirely on your domain pricing plan – in some cases, you have to renew your domains manually prior to their expiration dates; in other cases, you’ll be able to renew them just a few days before they expire. For detailed information about this please visit https://domains.zoho.com/renewal-policy/.

If I have bought a domain from Zoho Domains and the website goes down after some time, can I get my money back? Can Zoho refund me or provide any compensation for it?

In case your registered domain has expired and is now parked with us, you will need to renew your domain name in order to regain access over it. However, we may not be able to grant you full access (right of ownership) if your association with the domain was deleted due to prolonged inactivity on your part. In such cases, the domain will be reactivated automatically for you under our web hosting services (https://webhosting.zoho.com/). Also, if your account has been deleted due to prolonged inactivity, then we may not be able to provide any assistance in getting access back to it or its contents.

you can! If you are making use of a free email address (Gmail, Yahoo mail, etc.) and want to create your own website then using a subdomain is the best way to go about it. Subdomains can be customized just like regular domains and since they don’t cost too much either – it makes for an excellent alternative.

The process of removing a domain name from our system and re-registering it elsewhere is called ‘transfer’. If you wish to transfer your domain out of Zoho Domains I have some doubts about web hosting or DNS (Domain Name Service), who should I contact.

How do I delete a domain on Zoho?

Log in to the Zoho Mail Control Panel as an Administrator. Navigate to Domains on the left pane. Disable Email hosting for all the domains you have added to your account. After disabling email hosting, click the Delete My Account button and confirm the deletion of your domain/domain name.

How do I change my domain name in Zoho?

Sign in to your domain hosting management account >> Go to the Mail & Docs tab and remove your current Zoho Mail as a mail host for this domain >> From the Add Domain section, add the new mydomain1.com domain with that same email address you used before and verify it by following this guide.

Has Zoho been hacked?

To what extent this hack has been damaging to the company is unknown, but it appears as if an unidentified hacker was able to compromise a fake email account on Zoho.com in order to steal information obtained through keylogging or to continue their efforts of phishing and installing malware.

How do I delete a Zoho Vault account?

Access your account’s Settings to close your organization account. Click Paperless on the left sidebar, then Cancel Organization from the drop-down menu. In the window that pops up, click Delete.

How do I cancel my Zoho account?

You will be redirected to the payments page. Click on Cancel Subscription

How do I delete my Zoho email address?

Select the My Profile icon in the upper-right corner of Zoho Mail. Select My Account. Click Preferences at the top of the screen. Select Close Account below Delete my account confirmation dialog box, type your password and select OK from below that dialog box to confirm you want to delete your account.

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