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How do I remove a website from Instagram?


  1. Go to your profile.
  2. Tap Settings.
  3. Tap Security.
  4. Tap Apps and Websites.
  5. Tap Remove next to the app you’d like to remove.

Remove a website form instagram

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How do I delete a link from Instagram activity?

To remove your entire link history, tap on “Hide History” at the top of the list and then on “Hide” once again in the pop-up that appears. Your whole link history will be deleted. Any new links you go to inside Instagram will show up, starting the list over from scratch.

How do you Unsend a link on Instagram?

After that, you can delete a message on iPhone by tapping the top-right corner of Feed and selecting Delete Conversation. Select the conversation and go to the message you’d want to unsend. Hold down on the message and then choose Unsend after it appears in your list of messages.

What is vanish mode on Instagram?

Instagram’s new Hide Mode allows you to have more private messaging. With Instagram’s Vanish Mode, you may have secluded conversations that disappear after they’ve been read.

Can you tell who unsent a message on Instagram?

Instagram does not typically deliver unsent DMs in many people’s experiences. Even if the other person doesn’t have Instagram notifications on their computer, they may see the DM either from the original message’s notification or simply by having the conversation open before you unsend it.

Can you see who unsent a message on Instagram?

The easiest way to get unsent Instagram direct messages is by having a good friend who uses Instagram and knows how to find them. You won’t receive any notifications, and unlike WhatsApp, you won’t see any messages in the discussion indicating that something has been deleted.

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