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How do I remove an account from my Instagram list?


  1. Tap or your profile picture
  2. Go to your profile.
  3. Tap Settings.
  4. Tap Login Info.
  5. Tap next to the account.
  6. Tap Remove.

How to Delete Instagram Account from Account List

how to remove Instagram multiple Login Account

Why would I hide someone but not unfollow them?

There are a few reasons why hiring someone who hadn’t posted anything worth looking at in months might have made sense: if they suddenly started posting regularly again and/or actually had something interesting or important to say, you may wish to unfollow them later. If they started posting content from another account (i.e., their company’s official Instagram profile), you may not want to unfollow that company but rather just turn off notifications for the secondary account while still following it.

I don’t follow this user, so why am I getting notifications?

You’ll see a pop-up notification in the top right corner of your screen if a DM has been sent to you. As far as we know, there was no way of seeing these notifications before this week–you had to actually go into your previous messages and check manually–so if someone is attempting to contact you on Instagram, now would be a good time to start checking that part of your settings again!

What happens if I hire someone who was already on my list?

At the time of writing, hiding an account from your list will immediately remove it. If you’ve been following accounts for this purpose (or any other) and want to stop doing so after a while, make sure to follow these instructions before moving on! Hiding someone from your Instagram list does not unfollow them–you can still see their posts by clicking the Explore icon at the top left of the screen, but they will no longer be visible in your News Feed.

What happens after I hire someone? Will my DM history disappear?

Hiding someone from your list will not affect anything else. Your DM history will remain intact, regardless of who is included in the list. This is because Instagram DMs is technically still a part of your ‘private inbox,’ and have nothing to do with the user you’re following or any lists that may be associated with them.

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