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How do I remove an alternate email address from my Microsoft account?


  1. Go to Manage how you sign in to Microsoft.
  2. Sign in to your Microsoft account if prompted.
  3. Select Remove next to the alias you no longer need.

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How do I delete an address from my Microsoft account?

You can do so on the Account page. Once you’ve signed in at the top, look for your information; then choose that option and go to the contact information below your photo. At the bottom of the screen, select address book, and you may add a new location or remove existing ones.

How do I change my Microsoft account email on my laptop?

A new email address will be created. Select Create a new email address, and then add it as an alias before proceeding. A non-Microsoft email address (such as an @gmail.com or @yahoo.com email address). Select Add existing EMAIL ADDRESS as a Microsoft account Alias and then Add Alias.

Can I change my email address without creating a new account?

What is the Best Way to Change Your Gmail Name Without Creating a New Email Address? You won’t be able to alter your username or actual email address. You’ll just be able to change the name linked with the account. People will see the name you’ve been tagged with in their contacts if you’ve been given anything else in theirs.

Can I change my outlook email address?

Change your email address in Microsoft Outlook is similarly simple. Click “Add email” under “Account alias.” Enter the name of your new account under “Create a new email address and add it as an alias.” Outlook.com is the only website where you can create new accounts.

Can I edit my email address?

You can’t update your current email address with most email services. You’ll need to open a new account in order to modify your email address. You may use the same email provider you’re currently using, or you might choose a service that better meets your demands.

Can I have more than one Outlook email address?

Using Outlook for Android or iOS, which lets you easily sync your email, calendar, and contacts with other email accounts while also allowing you to seamlessly switch between accounts and providing a combined inbox, search, and calendar experience. Forward emails from your other services to Outlook.com.

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