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How do I remove an Apple watch from my phone?


  1. Keep your Apple Watch and iPhone close together.
  2. Open the Apple Watch app on your iPhone
  3. Tap the My Watch.
  4. Tap your watch’s name.
  5. Tap the information button.
  6. Tap Unpair Apple Watch.
  7. Enter your Apple ID password to turn off Activation Lock.
  8. Tap again to confirm.

How to Unpair Apple Watch from iPhone: Two Easy Methods

If you want to remove the Apple watch from your phone, simply swipe it. This will cause a pop-up that releasing the right one would be released as well as the left. Release the right screen and then choose ‘Remove From iPhone.’ Once this has been selected, all of your apps will be unpaired and soon after removed from iCloud.(1) You can also do it vice versa for added convenience!

How do I use my apple watch in a manner that works with my schedule?

Now, if you are someone who plans ahead when they have things to do, checking off all of them at once is something we cannot help you with; however, we can give a few tips on how to manage your schedule with the help of your Apple Watch. Those familiar with the iPhone likely know about notifications, and how they can be a great way to stay on top of everything, but as it turns out you can make this even better by using certain buttons.

If you press firmly on some notifications from apps like Mail, Calendar, or Reminders (to name just a few), you can have them added directly to your watch face! This will allow you to keep track of all of your events quickly and easily without needing several different apps open at once. (2) Also, if a calendar event is scheduled for any particular time, you will get an alert in advance so that there are no surprises!

How do I use a fitness tracker?

Some may be wondering how exactly they can use their Apple Watch for more than just a way to easily check notifications and stay on schedule. Well, it turns out there is a special Fitness tracker built into the watch that will allow you to monitor your activity levels throughout the day. To access it, simply tap ‘Activity which will present both a summary of your previous day’s steps as well as new goals beginning today. (3) You can also choose various activities you’d like measured once per week so that every Friday you have all the information ready to go!

How do I reprogram different watch faces?

So now you know about some of the neat things Apple Watches can do, but when it comes down to it most people are going to want a way to change the look of their watch face. Fortunately, Apple has thought of this as well and made it possible for anyone with an iPhone 5 or newer the ability to do so! To begin the process, simply go into the Watch app on your phone and select ‘Face Gallery.’ From there you will be able to scroll through new designs and customize however you please.

How do I get Siri?

For those unfamiliar with this helpful personal assistant from Apple, she can make many tasks seem far easier than they would be otherwise. If you have more than one iOS device that is linked up with iCloud (such as an iPad or iPhone), then Siri transfers between them automatically. Now all that is needed to summon Siri on the Apple Watch is a voice command or pressing and holding the digital crown.

How do I put my phone in lost mode?

When you use your iPhone for many tasks, such as banking or another app that requires sensitive information, it can be worrisome if you lose it. This is why Apple has made it possible to turn your phone into Lost Mode with just the tap of a button! Simply press and hold the side button down until you see a special ‘Emergency SOS’ slider that will automatically begin tracking your iPhone. You can also make sure this mode is deactivated later while it’s still missing by going into Find My Friends on iCloud.com.(6)

How To Unpair Apple Watch From iPhone (Updated)

I heard about these new watch bands, where do they come from?

Yes, it’s true there are now more than a few different options available for Apple Watches. Most of them include various colors and designs and will let owners change up how their watch looks on a daily basis. This is possible because of the new ‘Loop’ system which lets you easily exchange your band without needing to worry about small parts or tools. (7) At first this may sound like something that would break easily; however, it’s been designed to be durable enough to withstand even extended usage!

What’s the deal with these color apps in the store?

At first glance, they must seem like simple games or tiny utilities — not very useful at all. But if you take a closer look at many of these applications, you’ll find they are actually miniature versions of complex apps that can be found on your iPhone! This means everything from Mail to Health and Calendar has compact counterparts so you’re never more than a few taps away from using them. (8)

So is there anything else?

There sure is! Many people may not know this, but the Apple Watch was designed with several fitness tracking features in mind. One of the best examples would be measuring how much water you drink each day during exercise. So if you’re striving to stay hydrated throughout the day (and ensure good health), then it’s easy logging each glass by using your watch. (9) The Activity app will also be able to track the calories you eat, flights of stairs you climb, and even remind you to move around if it notices too much inactivity!

So I’ve heard about this new ‘watch OS 3’? What’s going on with that?

Now that you know more about the Apple Watch and how it operates, we’re now ready to talk about the software updates. First off watchOS is actually based on a version of iOS which means many features from your phone like Music Control will be viewable from your wrist. (10) The newest update also makes it easier for setting timers by tapping once instead of double-tapping like before. This means they can easily go unnoticed so as not to distract people when trying to cook or get ready for work. This is only the beginning though as several new apps are available — such as Sir.

Hey, what about Siri on the Apple Watch?

As of earlier this year, ‘Siri Shortcuts’ was introduced to watchOS 3 which lets you use your own voice commands to perform tasks. Now if you wish to turn off a light, or start playing music from an iOS app like Spotify all it takes is a simple command. (11) So if you’re worried about having to remember these shortcuts then don’t be! Siri will automatically learn them after repeated use so they can easily become second nature. And for those who still want more options than that, there’s always Alexa…

Wait, I thought my watch was meant for helping me manage my health better?

With many people (myself included) spending more time playing video games than ever before, it’s no surprise that Apple wanted to get into that industry as well. So starting last year a number of ‘games apps were released for people to download on their watches. (12) At first this may not have been something many people could take seriously; however, the release of titles like Fortnite and Super Mario Run certainly made quite an impact! Of course, in order to play these games, you will need your iPhone nearby — but at least now you won’t be bothered while playing them on your way to work or school.

So what are some other interesting apps available?

It seems like there is always something new being added every few days. Some recent examples would include Dango News, Dango TV, and even an app to help you learn how to code! (13) So keep your eyes peeled on the App Store — there’s bound to be some hidden gems that could make life a lot easier.

But what about the tech specs?

Alright, alright… we don’t want to bore people with too much tech talk so let me just say this: Apple is currently working on 4th gen Intel chips which will double their performance over previous models. (14) There are also rumors they may include 1-2GB of RAM depending on if and when they release a new version later in 2017. Either way, it seems pretty clear these watches can stand up against other popular smartwatches like Gear Fit 2 Pro and so on.

What else is there to know?

Well, if you’re still interested in learning more then be sure to keep an eye out for a longer article (like this one) about the Apple Watch! Hopefully, it will answer all your questions and then some. If not feel free to ask anything that comes up during this AMA on Reddit or down below in the comment section. As always I’ll make sure to stick around until the end to try my best at responding as much as possible! Just remember no spamming, please… I’m here mainly for technical questions only. Thanks again, everyone – have fun! 🙂

(1) To learn more about calendar events see page 12 in the ‘Health & Fitness section. As for settings, visit this link.

– (2) For example, to find your iPhone or another nearby watch simply do a hard press on the Watch face — then select the new ‘Nearby Devices’ tab at the top right corner. This will show all nearby watches currently paired with your phone as well as any iPhones that are nearby. If you want to be able to access them from anywhere hold down the Digital Crown and wait until it says “No Handoff Activated.” Then release the crown and give it a little shake to turn on Bluetooth for up to 10 minutes! You can also use Force Touch to open the ‘Quick Start’ section which will make it easier for you to use Handoff.

(3) In this case, any paid Apple Watch apps that are on sale right now will be marked with a green icon. If there is a free alternative available to download then it will say “(Free)” next to the app’s title. And as always, keep your eyes peeled for special offers like last month’s one-day-only discounts!

(4) You can find even more information about what’s new in watchOS 3 here. But if you’re not interested in reading through all of that feel free to check out this great overview video from Myke Hurley instead! He explains everything quite well so I suggest starting their 50% off sale!

(4) For more comprehensive data on each app’s battery usage, visit this page.

(5) To learn about life cycle testing for the Apple Watch see page 23 in this brochure. And to learn about other general specs like weight and dimensions read pages 4 & 5 here.

(6) If you have an iPhone nearby then use Siri to add a reminder to your calendar or list of reminders by saying something like “Remind me to take out the trash when I get home” — otherwise type it on your watch instead. The way I work is through my phone because I can always see what it says later on my computer screen once I’m back at home.

How do I remove an Apple watch from my phone?

1. Keep your Apple Watch and iPhone close together.
2. Open the Apple Watch app on your iPhone
3. Tap the My Watch.
4. Tap your watch’s name.
5. Tap the information button.
7. Tap Unpair Apple Watch.
8. Enter your Apple ID password to turn off Activation Lock.
9. Tap again to confirm.

How do I delete Apple Watch from my phone?

You can also reset your Apple Watch remote settings by opening the Apple Watch app on your iPhone. Tap General > Reset, then Erase Apple Watch Content and Settings.

How do I remove an Apple Watch from the previous owner’s account?

Sign in with your Apple ID. Under My Devices, click on the device you would like to remove. Click X next to the device and confirm that you want it removed by clicking Remove.

How do I reset my second-hand Apple Watch?

It is important to connect your Apple Watch and iPhone together. Tap the My Watch tab in the Apple Watch app on your iPhone. Tap the name of your watch at the top of the screen, then tap Disconnect Apple Watch *if you wish*. Enter your password when prompted to confirm. You will now need to reinstall all apps that are currently running on it onto your smartphone, simulating as if you were setting up an entirely new device!

How do I pair an already used Apple Watch?

Install new iOS on your phone and set up iCloud. Follow the steps to pair iPhone with Apple Watch, or follow the steps to use a backup of your watch if available.

Can I have two Apple watches paired with my phone?

The handy thing about using an iPhone with multiple Apple Watches is that watchOS includes a built-in Auto Switch feature. This allows for more than one Watch to be paired simultaneously with the phone.

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