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How do I remove an inmate from Connect Network?


  1. First, open the app and click on the three lines in the top left corner of the main screen.
  2. This will open up a menu with a list of options.
  3. Scroll down and select “Settings.”
  4. On the Settings screen, scroll down until you see “Phone Number” and tap on it.
  5. Underneath “Phone Number,” you should see an option to “Remove Phone Number.”
  6. Tap on this option and follow the on-screen instructions.

ConnectNetwork™ helps you stay connected with incarcerated loved ones.

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What is the best inmate phone service?

There are many inmate phone services to choose from. It can be hard to determine which one is the best for your needs. Some factors you may want to consider are the cost of the service, the quality of the call, and how easy it is to use.
One service that is often recommended is Inmate Calling Solutions. This service has a low cost per minute, and offers high quality calls. In addition, their website is easy to use, and they offer customer support if you have any questions or problems.
Another popular choice is Securus Technologies. They offer a wide variety of plans, so you can find one that fits your budget. Plus, their calls are crystal clear, making it easy to stay in touch with your loved ones.

What is the app for email inmates?

There is no app specifically for emailing inmates, but there are a few options for doing so. Inmates can typically be reached through email by using the address provided on their prison or jail website. There may be a charge to send an email, and the recipient may not be able to reply.

How do I put money on an inmate’s phone in Florida?

If you would like to put money on an inmate’s phone in the state of Florida, there are a few things you need to know. You will need the inmate’s full name and ID number, as well as the name of the prison they are incarcerated in. You can either call or go online to make a deposit. There is also a fee associated with this service, which varies depending on the prison.

Can an inmate block you on ConnectNetwork?

Inmates can block people from viewing their account information and sending messages through the ConnectNetwork website. The blocking feature is available to inmates in all states that offer the ConnectNetwork service. In order to block someone, the inmate must add the person’s name to the blocked list on the ConnectNetwork website.
When an inmate blocks someone, that person is notified and cannot view any account information or send messages to the inmate. Additionally, notifications about the inmate’s account will not be sent to the person who was blocked. Blocking someone does not affect the ability of that person to communicate with the inmate through other means, such as mail or phone calls.

What is phone donkey?

Phone donkey is a term used to describe a person who excessively uses their phone.

How can I delete my GTL account?

If you want to delete your GTL account, you can do so from the Preferences page. Click on the “Delete your account” link and follow the instructions. Keep in mind that if you delete your account, you will lose all of your data and will not be able to recover it.

How do I delete smart jail email?

2Thankfully, the answer is no. Smartphones can still be used in jail, but there are some restrictions. For example, you cannot access the internet or send text messages from your phone while you’re incarcerated.
3But what about your email? Can you still access that from your smartphone? Unfortunately, not all email providers allow their users to access their accounts from within a jail cell. One such provider is Smart Jail Mail. If you’re a user of this service, then you may be wondering how to delete your account.

What is GTL messaging?

GTL messaging is an acronym for Group Text, Location, and Picture messaging. GTL messaging allows users to send messages to a group of people simultaneously, share their location, and attach photos or videos.

What phone system does Florida prisons use?

The phone system that Florida prisons use is called the Inmate Telephone System (ITS). This system allows inmates to make calls to approved numbers. The cost of these calls is billed to the inmate’s family or friends. There are several ways that an inmate can make a call using the ITS:
The first way is by using a touch-tone phone. These phones are available in most housing units and allow inmates to make local, collect, and long distance calls.
The second way is by using a computer with a headset. Inmates can use this method to make local and collect calls.
The third way is by using an Offender Telephone Card. These cards allow inmates to make local and collect calls. In order to use this method, the inmate must have money deposited on their card.

How much is a jail call in Florida?

In Florida, the cost of making a jail call is $.35 per minute. This rate is set by the Florida Public Service Commission. There are some restrictions on who can place calls from jail. Only those with prepaid accounts or those who have been placed on a calling list by the inmate can make calls.

How do prisoners get cell phones in jail?

There are a few ways that prisoners can get cell phones in jail. One way is for someone on the outside to smuggle the phone into the prison. Another way is for someone inside the prison to smuggle the phone in. Finally, some phones may be smuggled in through the mail.

Is GTL and ConnectNetwork the same?

GTL and ConnectNetwork are both programs that allow people to communicate with loved ones incarcerated in prisons. However, there are some key differences between the two programs. GTL is a for-profit company, while ConnectNetwork is a not-for-profit company. GTL also charges inmates and their families for phone calls, while ConnectNetwork does not. Finally, GTL contracts with correctional facilities to provide phone service, while ConnectNetwork partners with phone companies to provide service. Despite these differences, the two programs serve a similar purpose and many people find them helpful in maintaining communication with loved ones behind bars.

What does inactive mean for GTL ConnectNetwork?

GTL ConnectNetwork is a phone and video visitation system used in jails and prisons across the United States. When an inmate’s account becomes inactive, they can no longer use the system to make or receive calls. There are a few reasons why an account may become inactive, but the most common is when an inmate is released from prison or jail and does not renew their subscription. In some cases, an inmate’s account may become inactive if they move to a new facility that does not have GTL ConnectNetwork service.

What does Released mean on GTL getting out?

Released means that the inmate is no longer incarcerated and has been released from prison.

Is smart jail mail monitored?

Jail mail is a way for inmates to communicate with the outside world, and it is typically monitored by corrections officers. However, there is a new type of jail mail that is harder to track-smart jail mail. This type of mail uses encryption software to protect the contents of the message, and it can only be read by the recipient. Smart jail mail offers inmates a way to communicate securely with their loved ones, and it could be a valuable tool for criminal defense attorneys. However, there are some concerns about how secure smart jail mail really is. Some experts worry that the encryption software can be easily hacked, and that corrections officers may be able to access the messages even if they are encrypted.