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How do I remove duplicate accounts in mint?


  1. There are a couple of ways you can remove these accounts from your view.
  2. You can mark the duplicate account as inactive.
  3. Mint will show its balance as zero and it’ll stop updating.
  4. If you want Mint to still keep track of the duplicate account’s transactions, but not display them, you can hide the duplicate account.

How to delete a mint account

How do I hide an account in Mint?

Can I have 2 Mint accounts?

There can be only one user per Mint account. If you’d want to share your financial data with someone else, you may establish a new account in their name and link all the same financial institutions as yours.

What does duplicate account mean?

Duplicate accounts are multiple accounts for the same person or firm. Duplicated accounts may make managing and reporting difficult in NeonCRM because there are numerous accounts with pertinent information for the same person.

Why do I have duplicate transactions in mint?

Your account or property may have been unintentionally entered twice, with one of them being accidentally deleted. You can mark the duplicate account as inactive to remove it from your records. Mint will show a zero balance and stop updating.

Has mint been hacked?

The Mint data breach, which took place in April 2019, has a few similarities to the USCellular data leak, in which customers’ accounts were jeopardized after attackers infiltrated the firm’s customer relationship management program. Company executives said that the intruders gained access by deceitful means and deceived workers into downloading remote access software.

Can a married couple use mint?

Mint is the ideal app for couples who want a low-maintenance budgeting tool. You can utilize this program with joint bank accounts or separately track your personal savings.

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