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How do I remove Goodreads from my Kindle?


  1. Tap the Menu icon (three lines).
  2. then tap Settings. Press Reading Choices, and open Social Networks.
  3. Tap on Goodreads.
  4. Select Unlink.

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How do you delete apps on Kindle Fire HD 8?

To delete an app on Kindle Fire HD 8, go to the Settings Menu. Select Applications. Select Manage All Applications. Find the app you want to delete and select it. Press the “Uninstall” button.

How do I remove Goodreads from my Fire tablet?

To remove Goodreads, follow these steps:
-Open the Settings app on your Fire tablet by tapping it.
-Tap Apps & Games.
-Tap the name of the app you want to uninstall.
-Tap Uninstall at the top of the screen.

Is there a problem with Goodreads?

Goodreads is a social networking site where people can share what they are reading, rate books, and find out what their friends are reading. It was founded in 2006 by Otis Chandler. There has been some concern that the site may not be successful because it is difficult to establish an identity on the site.

How do I stop getting updates from Goodreads?

To stop receiving notifications from Goodreads, go to your account settings on the website. Scroll down to the “Notifications” section and uncheck “Email notifications.

Can you temporarily deactivate Goodreads?

Yes, you can temporarily deactivate your Goodreads account. To do so, log in to your account and go to “Settings” on the top right corner of the screen. Then, click on “Account Info.” You’ll see a button that says “Deactivate Account.”
Goodreads is a social networking site for readers. It allows users to track what they’re currently reading, share reviews with other readers and get recommendations from friends about books they might enjoy.

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