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How do I remove movies from my Netflix list?


  1. Netflix website: Go to My List and select a title, then select the checkmark.
  2. Mobile device: Go to My List, select Details & More.
  3. Select the checkmark.
  4. TV: Select a title, then select Remove from My List.

How to Remove Movies from My List on Netflix

How to Delete Continue Watching on Netflix

Can you remove a movie from watch it again on Netflix?

Click Remove from My List after clicking Remove from My Watchlist. Select this option to remove it. You’ll have to go through the process with all of the movies you want to exclude from your Continue watching list.

Can you block movies on Netflix?

You may restrict shows and movies on Netflix by customizing your account’s parental controls. You may also limit what your children can watch through Netflix’s age restrictions.

Why does Netflix add stuff to my list?

Netflix’s new “My List” function allows you to make your own list of movies and TV shows by adding them to it. Netflix improves its understanding of your tastes and recommends additional series and films that you may like as you add titles to your list.

Can you block a genre on Netflix?

Open the Profile & Parental Controls preference pane for the profile you wish to control. Change the Viewing Restrictions option. Enter your Netflix password. Select Title Restrictions from the drop-down menu and type in the name of the TV program or film when it appears.

What is restricted content on Netflix?

Netflix Parental Controls lets you to limit what your children see, based on their age rating or the name of a specific TV show or movie. To watch a program rated PG-13 or higher, for example, you’ll need to enter your PIN if you set allowed content to “Older Kids.”

Can you filter Netflix by rating?

Netflix is developing a number of new tools for parents to use to filter what material their children view while using the service, including the ability to completely ban titles. Parents will also be able to limit access to rated-R movies and TV shows.