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How do I remove my ad from Craigslist?


  1. Edit will bring you to the edit posting screen.
  2. Make any changes you’d like, and click “continue” to confirm them.
  3. Delete will bring you to a confirmation screen where you can confirm the deletion of your post.
  4. renew will move your post to the top of the list.

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How do I take my ad off Craigslist?

You can’t take your ad off Craigslist. You can only choose to end the listing when it expires.

Can you deactivate Craigslist post?

Craigslist is a site that has been around for over 20 years. It is a classified ads site that allows people to list items for sale, post jobs, and more. Craigslist does not have an option to deactivate your post. The only way to delete your post is to contact Craigslist customer service and ask them to delete the post for you.

What happens when you delete a post on Craigslist?

When a post is deleted from Craigslist, it is removed from the website and can no longer be found.

How long does an item stay on Craigslist?

In general, an item on Craigslist will stay on the site for one to two weeks. However, there are a few factors that can influence how long an item stays on the site. For example, if the seller has a high number of positive reviews, they will likely have more success in selling their goods and so their items will stay on Craigslist for longer than those with fewer reviews.

How do I edit a listing on Craigslist?

To edit a listing on Craigslist, you can click on the “Edit” button next to the listing. You will then be able to edit the title and description of your listing.

Does Craigslist email work after post deleted?

Yes, Craigslist emails work after a post is deleted. The email will be sent to the person who posted the ad and the email address will also be visible on the original post that was deleted.

How do I delete a post on craigslist without an account?

You can’t delete a post on Craigslist without an account. The only way to delete a post is to contact the person who posted it and ask them to remove it.

Does editing a Craigslist post renew it?

This is a difficult question to answer, since Craigslist posts can be edited at any time. However, it is typically not advised to edit a post in order to make it seem more appealing or to extend its lifespan. Doing so may give the impression that the post has been flagged for removal, which could result in its deletion.

When you edit a Craigslist post does it go back to the top?

If you edit a post on Craigslist, it will not go back to the top. The post will be at the bottom of the list, unless it is bumped up by newer posts.

How do you move your Craigslist ad to the top?

The best way to move your Craigslist ad up is to be very specific and detailed in the title and description. Also, use a catchy photo and a catchy headline.

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