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How do I remove my bank details from wish?


  1. Open the app menu.
  2. Tap Settings. Tap Manage Payments.
  3. To delete a payment option.
  4. Tap Delete on the card you wish to remove.
  5. Tap Delete Payment.

How to REMOVE / DELETE your CREDIT / DEBIT CARD details from WISH app?

I think this has been covered by other users, but it’s a little more complicated than an answer quoting the info I’ve seen would prove.

Clicking ‘remove bank information’ doesn’t actually remove your bank account details from wish (or at least for me it didn’t). This is a necessary first step on the way to removing bank details as well as making sure any payment authorizations you have in place are removed – just click that button and then go to ‘my account’. On my page under ‘manage payment methods,’ there was a link saying ‘click here if you no longer want to wish to store your card information. Clicking this takes you to another page that will ask if you really want to remove your bank details. Clicking ‘yes’ takes you to the page, and initially states that your bank details will be removed within 30 seconds (but give it a few minutes). I was then prompted with a message telling me my wish wallet had been updated but some payment authorizations may remain – these are easily deleted by clicking on each individual authorization and clicking ‘cancel’.

Now everything should be removed. It seems a bit awkward at first but works well once mastered. Hope this helps anyone in the same position!

Update: The above didn’t work for me directly after the deletion of my payment history, but now seems to have worked! I’m very confused as to why or how it took so long for this method to work.

If this has helped anyone please let me know, and I’ll add an answer to the question explaining that if you’ve deleted your payment history but still can’t remove bank details it can be done by going through all the authorizations for each purchase individually and then canceling them. The steps for doing so are in my original post just above the edit I’m adding now. Thanks!

Update 2: Now five months later wish have sent me a new card that lets me use wish again (in addition to my old one). Initially, when loading up wish with either of these cards they both show as expired, but after about two seconds magically become valid again. Wish doesn’t seem to care which of my two cards I use and will let me continue to make purchases.

How do you report inappropriate images on a wish?

Very simple, this is the link to report an image: https://www.wish.com/reportimage. You need to have a wish account in order for it to work, but they do check the email you post as well so don’t worry about that. This seems like a pretty useful tool, though I haven’t seen any reports of it working or not working when trying it myself yet. Just go and give it a shot if someone tries selling something inappropriate with one of your pictures on there!

How to cancel your wish order 2020

What’s up with all these 3-star ratings?? How are people using wishes in other countries?

This is something that I’ve noticed in a few reviews/ratings of wish on Reddit but never got around to asking about it. Apparently, the way wish works in some other countries (not sure what exactly) means that you can’t give negative stars as we can here in the US. As someone from the UK who has also checked out wish there using my US account, I can confirm this – when posting reviews and ratings as an aside each country actually has its own version of wish with different prices, stock levels, etc, so even though they’re all the same website (except for maybe some slight differences between language versions) each one has its own ‘review’ system and therefore no option for 1 or 2-star reviews. From the reviews I’ve read over at /r/JapanWish (which is a different wish website to the one linked above by me), it was introduced in Japan and then spread to other countries with similar systems.

Why would someone write a glowing review of a wish that ends up being really critical? Was there something weird going on with their order or just a coincidence?

Yup! I’ve noticed a few of these as well, but figured they were solved by leaving lots of negative reviews. However on a recent trip to wish I discovered these mixed reviews aren’t fixed by being critical in the normal way – if you leave one really bad review then nothing else seems to matter. My order was full of broken items, and the tracking number didn’t work for me either even though it did according to the seller. Yet despite this, the negative ‘alerts’ went away at first anyway because I’d left positive reviews elsewhere for items which arrived fine (and possibly had used wish before without any issues). As far as I can tell after just leaving another two incredibly scathing 1/5 star reviews they might all disappear after a day or so but who knows. I’m not even sure how reviews that are really negatively affect the system anymore since there’s no way for them to be ‘spam’ in normal use since wish never buys anything from you unless it’s an actual real sale on their site and they accept payment.

To make matters worse, just before writing this answer I thought I’d check my account feedback again:

As you can see, despite being neutral for months now (besides the 2 recent 1/5 stars) all the alerts were back and everything was how it was before that ‘solution’. Wishing this didn’t keep happening would honestly be easier than constantly checking up on stuff like this haha!

A question I get asked a lot is how you buy multiple items on wish.com? Here’s an example using the wish app:

So here we are on the product page for some travel adapter kits, and they let us select quantities from 1-5 as well as add to cart or buy now. Choose whatever you’re after and it’ll give you the total price per item (in this case $1.05), as well as letting you save your address if needed to check out later/find other items. If you need to pay immediately choose ‘buy now’ instead – if there’s no shipping cost then that will be all that shows up in your cart, but with shipping added it will also show any included accessories like power cords and stuff.

And that’s all there is to it! Hope that helps a bit if you’ve been wondering how if they’re not buying your item from somewhere else and just have more than one of them for sale, but I’m sure you already knew that haha. In fact, this post should probably get a part 2 once I figure out what’s going on with my account after the last question…

I’ll keep an eye out for any questions about changes to how wish works in general since some things were changed recently due to new policies from Google/Amazon regarding incentivized reviews. The biggest change seems to be the removal.

How do I remove my bank details from wish?

1. Open the app menu.
2. Tap Settings. Tap Manage Payments.
3. To delete a payment option.
4. Tap Delete on the card you wish to remove.
5. Tap Delete Payment.

How do I remove my credit card details from wish?

Open the app menu and tap Settings. Tap Manage Payments to delete a payment option, then follow instructions in-app according to your device.

How do I remove my bank details?

In the Settings for your Android device, go to Google Services. Choose Google Play and then choose the Payment Method you want to remove. Find “More” and select Remove payment method before following any on-screen instructions.

How do I delete my account on a wish?

To deactivate your Wish account, log in to the app and select “Account Settings.” Then click “Deactivate Account“. If you do not have access to the app, you can still deactivate your account by visiting https://www.wish.com.

How do I remove a payment method completely?

To remove a payment method from your Google account, open the Play Store app on your Android phone or tablet and tap on Menu. Now choose Payment Methods. Under the payment, you’d like to delete click Remove then sign in to pay.google.com if prompted.

How do I delete the wish app?

This is the best way to remove the Wish app on an Android device*. Click to see instructions for your operating system:*iPhone.

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