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How do I remove my email from Amazon?


  1. Sign into the account you want to close.
  2. Select a reason in the drop-down menu, tick the box next to Yes, I want to permanently close my Amazon account and delete my data.
  3. Click Close my Account.

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How to Change the Email on Your Amazon Account

Does the removal process work right away?

Amazon can take up to 72 hours before they make your opt-out request active. Please be sure to check all of your inboxes for any notifications that may have been misclassified as bulk email or spam.

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Amazon has already emailed you the confirmation of your opt-out. Remember to check your bulk/spam mail folders if you don’t see it in your inbox; they may have sent the notification there instead.

Once your email address is removed, you will no longer receive any marketing emails from Amazon. However, please be aware that this does not remove content that is published under your account (e.g., reviews or other product-related content). You can request the removal of such content by contacting customer service directly.

When removing my email address, why do I still receive emails?

If you are receiving emails after opting out despite following the instructions above, please ensure that you have not signed up for any other Amazon Services. For example, if you have previously used a different email address to sign-up for an Amazon account or to purchase products from Amazon using your debit/credit card, then you may still be receiving marketing emails while your initial opt-out request is pending

I don’t see email from Amazon in any of my bulk/junk folders, why am I getting marketing emails?

Unfortunately, some email providers have their own bulk and spam folders that will not display any mail from senders like Amazon. This means that you may have to check your inbox or other primary folders for the confirmation email and click on it to remove your account(s). If you are still unable to locate this information, please submit a ticket.

How do I stop getting marketing messages for additional Amazon sites?

Sign in to Your Account at https://www.amazon.com/. If you are prompted for an address, enter the one associated with your account. Click Settings near the top of the page. Click the Your Account link on the left-hand side. Click Manage your address to prevent emails. In the Addresses section, select an address and click Edit or Remove Address next to it. Check (or uncheck) Marketing email messages for this delivery address. At the bottom of the page, click Save Changes to confirm any changes you have made.

Is there a way to opt-out completely?

At this time we do not have a mechanism that would provide you with complete removal of your account from our marketing system. However, if you no longer wish to receive marketing emails from Amazon, please follow these steps:

What do I need to know about opting out of marketing emails from Yahoo! Mail and AOL Mail?

When using the instructions above, you are choosing only to receive Amazon promotional email communications. If you are receiving additional marketing messages from other companies beyond just Amazon on your Yahoo! or AOL account(s), it is likely that the email service provider (ESP) has created a separate “bucket” for each individual company’s list. This allows these ESPs to send their subscribers specific messages independently but also makes it more difficult for the subscriber to unsubscribe across multiple lists. To opt out of all marketing from another company, you must unsubscribe directly with that company rather than opting out of Amazon communications by changing your settings above.

To opt-out of all marketing emails from a non-Amazon ESP email list, follow these steps:

Type in the name of the list originator (e.g., MarketWatch), and then click Search to return a list of senders who use this ESP. Click on the link or button for “Mail Preferences” or “unsubscribe.” This should take you to an opt-out form specific to this sender’s lists. (You may need to look around on their site if there is no obvious place to manage your subscriptions.) Follow the instructions to remove yourself from their list(s).

What do I need to know about opting out of marketing emails from AOL Mail?

If you use AOL for your email, please remember that there is not a simple unsubscribe link in the confirmation message. To stop receiving bulk and/or marketing messages from Amazon, you will need to follow these steps:

Sign into your account at http://members.aol.com/. Once logged in, access the “settings” section of your My Account page by clicking on the link directly underneath the heading entitled “My Account”. Under the “General Settings” tab, click on Manage Subscription List. On this page, you will see all of your sign-ups for non-AOL email addresses and their associated subscription types. Click the Unsubscribe link next to the item labeled Amazon Mail at the bottom of this list. Follow the steps on the page that opens for how to remove your AOL account from this list.

The unsubscribe process is a two-step process:

An unsubscribe confirmation message gets sent out to confirm your request. This happens immediately and lasts for 7 days. If you do not respond to this message within the 7 day period, you remain on the list. Once you have confirmed that you want off of the list, it may take an additional 24-48 hours before you can no longer receive any further emails from Amazon.com at that address.

Note: It can sometimes take up to 4 weeks to be removed from our active customer promotional lists due to variations in mailing frequency and a number of other factors determined by each mailing vendor’s specific process and procedures.

How do I unsubscribe from non-Amazon marketing emails?

If you receive a non-transactional/nonpromotional email directly from Amazon but have not opted in to receive it, we suggest that you remove yourself from these lists by following the unsubscribe instructions found at the bottom of every email sent. Alternatively, you can contact our customer service department or reply back with “REMOVE” in the subject line. You may also submit a request using our contact form here. Provide your full name (including any aliases), your full delivery address and the name of the(if applicable).

If you receive a non-Amazon email message from amazon.com but did not request the message in any way, please submit a request using our contact form here. Provide your full name (including any aliases), your full delivery address, and a description of the issue.

For more information about how to unsubscribe from Amazon marketing emails to other ESPs, please visit: http://goshopping.amazon.com/gp/help/customer/display.html?nodeId=200471490#unsubscribe

What is an “opt-out” email alert? How do I get off an opt-out list?

An opt-out is when you register your personal information with a company, but you request not to receive any further information from them. We send an opt-out email alert when we have no records of your participation in our promotional programs that require registration. If you would like us to stop sending email alerts regarding the above-mentioned program (Opt-Out), please see the section on how to unsubscribe for additional instructions.

Questions about Amazon Services Performance Reports and Testers Program:

I’m having issues signing into my Amazon Services account. How can I get help?

If you are having trouble signing into your account or accessing a performance report, please try visiting: http://servicesamazonwebstore.com/ssa/customerservice/home. This secure website will allow you to sign in to your Amazon Services account and access all of our available performance reports.

I’m having issues editing my Amazon Services username or password. How can I get help?

To update your personal information such as name, email address, billing zip code, and more, please, visit http://servicesamazonwebstore.com/ssa/customerservice/home. This secure website will allow you to update some of the core settings in your Amazon Services account so that you can continue making test purchases from a variety of different sales channels.

I have recently moved. Can I change my shipping address on file with Amazon services?

Yes! To change any information in your Amazon Services account including but not limited to your name, email address, and billing zip code, please visit: http://servicesamazonwebstore.com/ssa/customerservice/home. This secure website will allow you to update some of the core settings in your Amazon Services account so that you can continue making test purchases from a variety of different sales channels.

What is the difference between thePerformance Reports and Test Purchaser Program?

The Performance Report function reports on conversion rates by tracking purchase behavior between two products using the same account (i.e., Alpha & Omega Brand). The Tester’s program lets you make purchases for a single product or across multiple products within your own account (Alpha brand).

Does my participation in this performance report program affect my seller rating? Will my sales be reflected on my Seller Central account?

No. Participation in this program will not affect your seller rating nor will it reflect on your Amazon.com seller central account. It is important to note that you may see increased quantities of orders when viewing your performance reports, but these are test purchases made by Testers using the same credentials as yours for gaining access to these performance reports

How does Amazon protect my personal information?

When participating in our programs, we make every effort to keep all of your personal information safe and secure. We do not ask for sensitive data like credit card numbers or CVV codes over email or during a phone call unless we truly need the information. Additionally, if you choose to opt into our additional promotional programs, your name, address, and email may be used for additional purposes. For more information about any of these optional promotions, please see the section on “How to do I opt-out” below.

Performance Report Program Questions:

What is a Performance Report?

A performance report allows you to view reports on conversion rates by tracking purchase behavior between two products using the same account (i.e., Alpha & Omega Brand). You can use this data to make marketing decisions for your brand such as where you should allocate inventory based on the highest converting sales channels or determining if a new product launch is successful based on overall sales across all Amazon marketplaces.

How often will I receive Experian Marketing Services performance reports?

Experian Marketing Services will send you weekly reports via email. You can also access these reports from the Management Console on Amazon directly. Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday we will send you a report for the past week. Each report includes:

– Conversion Rates – This shows how each product is performing against one another based on sales volumes over the prior 7 days only! The conversion rate is based on total purchases from all ordering channels including Marketplace, 3rd Party Retailers (i.e., Channel Partners), 3rd Party Fulfillment by Amazon, and fulfilled through Amazon as well as Prime members that ordered with free shipping option.

– Channels Performance by Region – This section breaks down your performance by marketplaces in a select region. This might be pre-selected by you when signing up for the program or it may default to the US marketplaces. The data included in this section is based on sales from all ordering channels including Marketplace, Channel Partners, Amazon Fulfillment, and Prime members that ordered with free shipping option.

– Conversion Rate Comparison Chart – This last section compares your performance over each of the past 14 days against other sellers in your product category and informs you if you are in fact selling at the highest converting rate compared to others in your particular product category

​How can I use these reports?

We recommend viewing the reports on Monday afternoons so that you have time to read them before the start of the week. These reports will allow you to analyze the conversions over a 7 day period as well as compare your performance against other sellers using the same account. This can be helpful in deciding where to allocate inventory.

Do I need any special tools or software?

No, it is free for you to participate in this program and we have everything that you need right on Amazon Seller Central under the Management Console tab. There you will find the Experian Marketing Services Conversion Rate Reports, which can help you identify areas of improvement in your performance, learn what’s working best for your brand(s), and importantly how competitors are selling their products within similar products categories with comparison charts!

Where do I sign up?

You can sign up for a new account through Amazon under the Management Console tab. You will be prompted to enter your email address and will immediately be able to begin using this program! If you already have an existing account, the signup process is located on the same page. Simply click on the “Opt-In” button and follow the instructions to subscribe to our additional promotional programs such as Enhanced Brand Content or Conversion Rate Reports.

How do I opt out?

If at any time during your participation in Experian Marketing Services’ online promotional programs, including Email Marketing, you decide that you would like to stop receiving these communications from us, simply go back into the management console of Amazon Seller Central and uncheck all available boxes in order to unsubscribe from all available programs.

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How do I change my primary email account on Amazon?

You can change your name, email address, password, or other account information in Your Account. Select Edit next to the field you would like to update.

How do I remove my name from my Amazon account?

On the left panel, under your avatar, you can choose to leave a Household or remove another person from it. Click Leave located just below your name or Remove below the other person’s name for this selection.

How long does it take to delete Amazon account?

With your account canned in 12-48 hours, you’ll still receive an email notification.