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How do I remove my picture from my email?


  1. The first step you have to do is sign in to your Gmail account. now go to settings. then select MY PICTURES.
  2. In that you will see the options like NO PHOTO, UPLOAD PHOTO.
  3. Now select NO PHOTO. That’s it, your profile photo will be removed right now.

How do I delete my profile picture from Gmail on Android?

How To Delete Google My Business Photos – Tricks u0026 Tips

How do I remove my profile picture from my email?

You must first login to your Gmail account. To learn more about me, go to the about me page. Select no photo from your profile picture.

Why does my email have a profile picture?

It simply depends on the email program that the recipient is using to view your message. It’s a picture you’ve put out there in some manner. It’s probably a profile photograph from an online service or social media platform that is linked to the email address you’re employing.

Does removing cover photo delete it?

Yes, you may remove any photograph you’ve uploaded to your account. To get rid of the cover photo, go to your profile and select Photos. Next, look for the Cover Photos album and delete any picture that piques your interest. You may also remove the Profile Photo and Timeline photo in the same manner.

How do I remove my profile picture without deleting it?

You may remove your profile picture from Facebook without deleting it by changing it to “Only Me.” To do so, go to your profile and select your profile photo > Select the three dots next to your picture > Edit privacy/audience settings > Only Me.

How do I delete photo from email on Iphone?

Instead of modifying the picture, delete it from Address Book by selecting your own card and then Card > Clear Custom Image from the menubar.

Can people see my email photo?

The term “public” refers to information that is visible to everybody. Anyone who emails you or you email can see your photo if it’s public. If you’d like to appear in your Google profile without a picture but still have one, choose this option.