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How do I remove my picture from Windows 10?


  1. Look for ‘Windowsfolder.
  2. Go to Account pictures.
  3. Select the pictures you want to remove and right-click on them.
  4. Choose ‘Deletefrom the list.

open the charms bar by clicking on the top right corner or pressing Win + C , then select Privacy.

select edit settings in the General section, and click on remove my pictures from all devices option .

after you have removed your picture, close out of windows 10’s privacy settings screen by selecting ” Save changes “.

You will no longer see your avatar pictures on any device that is connected to your Microsoft account. The removal is complete after restarting your PC (this is a requirement). You may have to sign out on some things such as Hyper-V virtual machines before restarting. In rare cases, it might be necessary for you to clear Windows Settings app cache and resetting it using this guide: http://www.tenforums.com/tutorials/55051-clear-windows-settings-app-cache.html

To clean up using the command prompt, execute this in an elevated CMD window:

net user USERNAME /delete

Where “USERNAME” is the user that you want to delete from the machine. Here is a screenshot of what you’ll see after removing your account picture and avatar pictures.

How do I personalize my profile picture?

open the charms bar by clicking on the top right corner or pressing Win + C , then select Settings.

select Accounts from the settings menu and click on your Microsoft account picture, then click Sign out.

after you have logged out of your Microsoft account, open up File Explorer and navigate to “C:\Users\USERNAME\Pictures”. Click and hold down the file named profile.jpg or userpicture.JPG until a context menu appears . Select rename . Rename the file with some other name such as “profileold.jpg” .

you will now be taken back to the Logon screen where your old avatar pictures are no longer shown but there is still a blank spot for you to fill in with another image. Just like before, after logging in successfully you will notice the new avatar pictures are being used.

you will be required to restart your PC before the changes take effect. If you need to login again, you will have to log back in and add your own profile picture using this method. This method does not apply to domain-joined PCs where logon pictures are managed from an AD server. Here is a screenshot of what you’ll see after removing and adding back your account picture.

How do I change my photo on Skype?

For some reason, if only part of a person’s face is shown in the pics you upload, Skype may not display them. Instead, it will just show a silhouette of your picture. If this happens to you and you want to fix it, close out of Skype then go into the profile pictures directory for SkyDrive (C:\Users\USERNAME\SkyDrive\Pictures) and delete all the files there including the main folder called “User Pictures”. After that, sign back in to Skype and it should populate with more of your photos.

How do I remove my picture from Windows Phone 8?

Just like on Windows, you can disable the app tile for your Microsoft account and it will no longer show up in the People Hub. Here are steps to do this:

From Start > Settings > Email + accounts . Select “Microsoft account”. Uncheck “Show my email & phone (not recommended)”.

How do I remove my picture from the Store app?

Go to the Store app. Select “My library”. Select “Apps”. Scroll down and select “Microsoft account”. Uncheck “Show my picture in apps”.

How do I remove my picture from OneDrive?

Navigate into your OneDrive folder through File Explorer, then go to this location: C:\Users\USERNAME\OneDrive\Pictures Right click on the email_photo.(JPG) image file and delete it. Log off and log back in for them to reset your avatar pictures .

How do I change or replace my account photo/profile pic on Windows 10 Technical Preview ?

In Windows 10 Technical preview (build 9926) you can get rid of the avatar pictures on your account and replace it with a custom picture. Here’s how to do that:

Go into File Explorer, then navigate to this location : C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Sign-in Assistant Delete all the files in that folder except for SignInAssistant_credentials.dat, SignInAssistant_credentials2.dat and SignInAssistant_profilephoto.jpg .

NOTE: That file is not your profile photo , which means an image file of yourself or whatever you want your one tile/avatar photo to be.

You may delete it if you want, but it will not effect your online account at all. It just contains data for the Sign-in Assistant tool that Windows uses to sign you in automatically, which is why it’s necessary for the SignInAssistant_credentials2.dat file to exist even if you don’t want a photo tile on your account .

NOTE 2: Make sure you back up all your files before deleting these folders and changing anything inside them. Do this as a precaution because we can’t be held responsible if something happens when you modify this folder or remove its contents unexpectedly such as losing access to your account (which has never happened yet).

Sign out of Windows 10 Technical Preview then log in again. Log into whatever profile you want to have with the new profile photo.

NOTE: Now you can log back out and see your custom picture replacing your old avatar/tile image on your sign in page.

You can further customize this new tile by adding a background, as long as it’s a transparent .png (transparent) or .jpg file with no border around it. Here are some examples of transparent images from Google that we used to replace our background :

Backgrounds – Google Images

Now you’ll have a completely custom looking Windows 10 Technical Preview account page when you login through your computer! Enjoy tweaking anything else you’d like about it just for fun because this is an early build still so there isn’t much functionality yet available on its preview state aside from some polish and improvements.

How do I remove my picture from Windows 10?

1. Look for ‘Windowsfolder.
2. Go to Account pictures.
3. Select the pictures you want to remove and right-click on them.
4. Choose ‘Deletefrom the list.

How do I remove my Microsoft profile picture?

In order to change your account’s picture, go to the Start menu then click on “Your account picture and profile settings”. On this next page, delete all of the old pictures that were there (including yourself if you want) and then reboot.

How do I remove my display picture?

Open the “My Profile” tab.
Tap on the camera icon in the current profile picture.
Select “Remove image”.

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