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How do I remove my PSN account from my PS Vita?


Go to the ‘Media and Devices’ tab from your Account. Next to (Game) click ‘Deactivate All’. When asked if you want to continue, select ‘Yes.’ All of your devices have now been deactivated for Game content.

How To Disconnect A Psn Account From A Ps Vita

To remove a PSN account from your PS Vita, you need to access the settings menu. There are two ways to access the settings menu: going through the home screen and pressing the ‘PS’ button or changing it via the Cross Media Bar (CMB). To do both of these things, go to Settings > PlayStation Network > Delete Account. You will then be prompted for confirmation. Select [OK], and your PSN account will be removed from your Vita immediately.

If you wish to re-add a deleted account, simply follow these same instructions again and select [Add] instead of [Delete]. The deletion process is irreversible so be careful when removing accounts!

PS Vita How To Switch/Remove PSN Accounts! (Simple Account Switcher)

From the PS Vita home screen, tap (PS button) > [Settings] > [Start]>[PSN]. Tap “Leave Network” and then tap “Yes”.

Note: You can also leave a network via your PC. See How do I remove my PSN account from my PS Vita? for instructions.

What happens if I leave the PlayStation Network?

If you are leaving an active PlayStation Plus subscription, or if you have any current paid subscriptions such as PlayStation Now or Music Unlimited, you will need to purchase them again once you rejoin. However, any free services that require a persistent connection with Sony Entertainment Network will be disabled. Additionally, if you purchased a subscription using a credit card and you leave the network before your current subscription expires, you may lose access to any of those services even though they do not require an active connection with Sony Entertainment Network.

Can I use my PS Vita once I remove my account?

Once you remove your PSN account from the device, it will still function as a media device but some features of the PS Vita system may be disabled due to the loss of permanent online connections (see below). You can still access entertainment content such as games and videos that are stored on your memory card or saved to your device which were downloaded while signed into PlayStation Network.

Why am I being asked for credit/deb card information when I try to remove my account?

In order to remove your account, we need to make sure we have the latest payment information on file so that you don’t lose access. If you are trying to leave a paid service such as PlayStation Plus or Music Unlimited, it is important to remember that if you cancel the subscription early by removing your PSN account from the device, there may be additional charges until the subscription expires and any credit card used will not be charged for any future months. Please review our terms of service before submitting your payment information.

How do I rejoin PlayStation Network after leaving?

To add your PS Vita back onto your account after leaving, sign into PlayStation Network at http://www.sonyentertainmentnetwork.com, click [Start] > [PlayStation Network/Account Management] and follow the on-screen instructions to link your device back to your account. It is highly recommended that you remove any credit card or payment information before leaving PSN.

Can I use my PS Vita as a media device after removing my PSN account?

After you remove your account from the PS Vita, some features may become unavailable. For example, movie and TV show data stored on the memory card or saved to system storage will be deleted. Additionally, trophies earned locally on the device will not sync with Sony Entertainment Network unless later added to your account from another PS Vita system.

Please note that if you choose to leave PlayStation Network while paying for PlayStation Now use, any current subscription(s) will be canceled but future recurring charges shall apply until such time as you cancel. In addition, if you are a subscriber and purchase PlayStation Now using a credit card that is different from the used to purchase the PlayStation Now subscription, you may need to remove your account from any devices using the original credit card for that PlayStation Now subscription. For more information on how to view or change recurring charges related to content purchased via PlayStation Network, visit http://www.sonyentertainmentnetwork.com .

Please note: If you decide to re-join PlayStation Network after removing your PSN account from a PS Vita device, any games downloaded and saved locally will be deleted if not transferred first to a PC or another device signed into Sony Entertainment Network with associated SENID (PS Vita/TV) intact.

What happens if I try to remove my PSN account while playing online?

If you are in the middle of an online activity when you remove your account, you may lose access to that content. For example, if you are playing a game online while signed into PlayStation Network and then sign out of PSN, it is possible that your save data may be removed from the system. If this happens, you will not be able to resume where you left off because the save data exists only on your local system and no longer appears in the cloud.

Are all services on my PS Vita affected by removing PlayStation Network?

In addition to losing online access for some features (see above), other features such as Remote Play with a supported DUALSHOCK 4 wireless controller or Twitch streaming via “PlayStation App” will not work after removing PlayStation Network from a PS Vita system. Also, you will not be able to sign in using your PSN ID on a friend’s PS Vita if the device is already linked with another account.

Will my trophies still show after I remove my account?

Yes, as long as they are stored locally on PS Vita and have been synced with PlayStation Network at least once since being earned or obtained (and not deleted). Once removed from your PSN profile, when you view trophies for the first time on any other PS Vita/TV system or Web browser via [Trophy Collection], the trophy list will display “This Trophies belong to an account that has been terminated” until all of these trophies are selected for deletion. This only occurs if there is no other PSN account that is signed into your profile.

Please note: If you have earned trophies on a friend’s PS Vita/TV system while signed in with your PlayStation Network ID, and the device is later removed from the PSN before moving said trophies to another platform, these trophies will disappear from your trophy list and not be able to be transferred. It is highly recommended that you make sure trophies obtained via this method are immediately moved to another device or onto your Web profile by going online prior to removing the PSN ID from any previously used systems.

How do I remove my PSN account from my PS Vita?

Go to the ‘Media and Devices’ tab from your Account. Next to (Game) click ‘Deactivate All’. When asked if you want to continue, select ‘Yes.’ All of your devices have now been deactivated for Game content.

How do I remove my PSN from other devices?

Deactivate all PlayStation consoles by clicking on Device Management > Playstation Consoles.

Is it safe to change PSN ID?

If you would like to change your registered email address back to the original one, do so as soon as possible. This will ensure that you have access to all of your previous content and game progress; some running functions may be affected by the new online ID registration.

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