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How do I remove outdated content from Bing?


  1. In the Removal Type drop-down menu, select Outdated Cache Removal.
  2. Enter the text that still appears on the cached page that no longer appears on Google’s live site in the “Cached Page Text” box below.
  3. Once complete, click Submit

How To Remove Outdated Contents From bing

How To Remove Outdated Content From Google Index

How do I check my Bing cache?

You can also access a copy of the page from Bing’s cache by clicking the down arrow to the right of an address and selecting “Cached page.”

How do I remove my business from Bing?

If you decide you don’t want to keep a listing, go to your Bing Places dashboard and look for the one you wish to remove from search. A link to either edit or delete the item is below the listing. Select “Delete.” A Delete Business dialog box appears with fields for entering a reason for closure and then clicking “Delete Business.”

What is the number one search engine in the world?

Google’s Google Search Engine is the best search engine in the world, and it’s also one of Google’s most popular offerings. With almost 70 percent market share, Google has practically taken over the Search Engine Market.

What is Bing URL?

The Bing URL Inspection tool allows you to check the Bing indexed versions of your URLs for crawl or non-compliance with Google’s Webmaster guidelines, thus detecting indexing concerns. Google launched its URL Inspection tool nearly two years ago in June 2018.

How do I check my Bing ranking?

Use a rank tracker to find out how your website is performing in search engine Bing (MSN). AccuRanker is a fast and accurate Bing keyword tracker that displays the ranking for a certain set of keywords in the search results on Bing for a particular site.