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how do i remove thunderbird as my default mail client?


  1. Open Thunderbird and click on the menu button in the top-left corner of the window.
  2. Select Preferences from the menu.
  3. In the Preferences window, select Applications.
  4. In the Applications pane, locate the Mailto application and click on it.
  5. In the Properties window, click on the button labeled Change.

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How do I change my default email from Thunderbird to Outlook?

To change your default email from Thunderbird to Outlook, you will need to first export your Thunderbird contacts and messages to a file.
Next, open Outlook and import the file you exported from Thunderbird. Finally, configure Outlook as your default email client.

How do I change my default mail client?

Changing your default mail client is a relatively easy process. First, open the Settings app and select “Mail, Contacts, Calendars” from the menu. Next, select your default email account and then choose your desired email client from the list. If your desired email client is not listed, you can select “Other” and manually enter the address of your email provider.

How do I delete Thunderbird settings?

Open Thunderbird.
Click the menu button and select Options.
Select the Advanced panel.
Click the General tab.
Under When starting, Thunderbird should, select Use custom settings instead of my current settings.
Uncheck Use global default mail client and check Always use my default mail client.
Select Thunderbird from the list of mail clients.
Click OK to save your changes.

Is Thunderbird still a good email client?

Thunderbird is a good email client, but it is not as popular as it once was. It has a lot of features that other email clients do not have, and it is very customizable.

How do I reset Thunderbird to default settings?

To reset Thunderbird to its default settings, you will need to delete the profile and create a new one. To delete the profile, open Thunderbird and go to the Help menu. Select Troubleshooting Information and then click on the Show Folder button. The Profile folder will be opened in a new window. Delete the profile and restart Thunderbird. A new profile will be created automatically.

How do I change my mailto link default email program?

You can change your mailto link default email program by editing the registry. To do this, open Registry Editor and navigate to the following key:
In the right pane, double-click (Default) and type the full path to the email program you want to use. Click OK twice to save your changes.

How do I fix default mail client is not properly installed?

There are a few things you can try to fix the default mail client is not properly installed error. First, make sure that your default mail client is actually installed on your computer. If it is not, install it and then try again. If your default mail client is installed, try reinstalling it. Sometimes this will fix the problem. If neither of these solutions work, you may need to contact your software vendor for support.

How do I remove the default Mail app in Windows 10?

To uninstall the Mail app in Windows 10, open the Start menu and type “appwiz.cpl”. Press Enter to open the Programs and Features window. Select the Mail app and click Uninstall.

How do I make Thunderbird my default email in Windows 10?

To make Thunderbird your default email in Windows 10, open Thunderbird and go to Tools > Options. In the Options window, click on the Advanced tab and then click on the General tab. Under Default mail client, select Thunderbird and then click on the OK button.

How do I delete Thunderbird from my computer?

To delete Thunderbird from your computer, you can uninstall it like any other program. To do this, open the Control Panel and search for “uninstall a program.” Thunderbird should be listed there. Click on it and then click “Uninstall” to remove it from your computer.

Can I delete Thunderbird folder?

Yes, you can delete the Thunderbird folder. However, be sure to back up your messages first, as they will be deleted permanently.

Will uninstalling Thunderbird delete emails?

No, uninstalling Thunderbird will not delete emails. However, if you delete the Thunderbird application, then all of your emails will be deleted.

Is Thunderbird better than Gmail?

There is no simple answer to this question, as it depends on personal preferences. Some people prefer Thunderbird for its simplicity and customizability, while others prefer Gmail for its large storage capacity and integration with other Google services. Ultimately, the best email client for someone depends on their individual needs and preferences.

Is Thunderbird still good 2021?

Yes, Thunderbird is still a good email client in 2021. It has many features that are useful for managing your email, such as filters and labels. It also integrates well with other Mozilla products, such as Firefox.

Is Mailbird better than Thunderbird?

Mailbird and Thunderbird are both email clients, so they have similar features. However, Mailbird is generally considered to be better than Thunderbird because it is faster and has a more user-friendly interface.