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How do I remove Thunderbird as my default mail client?


  1. Under Tools, Options, Advanced, System Integration.
  2. The box to always check to see if Thunderbird is the default is already unchecked.
  3. Also there but under the button Check Now, Use Thunderbird as the default client for.
  4. The box to select E-Mail is checked and keeps re-checking itself when I uncheck it.

How to Change your Email Settings in Thunderbird

How To Reset Thunderbird

How do I change my default email from Thunderbird to Outlook?

You can change your default email from Thunderbird to Outlook by following these steps:
Open Thunderbird and go to Tools > Options.
Click on the “General” tab and then click the “Default email reader” drop-down menu.
Select Outlook from the list of options.
Click “OK.

How do I remove default mail client?

In order to remove the default mail client, you need to uninstall it from your computer. You can do this by going to “Control Panel” and clicking on “Programs and Features.” Once in the program, scroll down until you find the mail client that you want to remove. When you find it, click on it and then click “Uninstall.

What happens if I uninstall Thunderbird?

Thunderbird is an email client that is widely used by many people. If you uninstall it, you will no longer be able to send or receive emails on your computer.

Can I delete Thunderbird?

Yes, you can delete Thunderbird. However, if you are using it to send and receive email, you should first export your emails from the program before deleting it.

How do I change my default email in Thunderbird?

To change your default email in Thunderbird, go to the “Account Settings” tab and click on “Add Account.” From there, you can add a new account that is either POP or IMAP.

How do I set Thunderbird as my default email?

To set Thunderbird as your default email client, go to the “Tools” menu and click on “Options”. On the “General” tab, select “Use Thunderbird as my default mail reader.

Does Thunderbird email have an app?

Yes, there is an app for Thunderbird email. It can be found in the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Why is Mozilla Thunderbird abandoned?

Mozilla Thunderbird has not been abandoned. It’s still being developed and supported by Mozilla, even though it’s a free open-source project. The only thing that has changed is the Mozilla Foundation is no longer actively developing it in-house.

How do I set up Thunderbird on Windows 10?

You can download Thunderbird by clicking on this link.
Thunderbird is an email client program for Windows 10 that you can download from the Mozilla website. The installation process is straightforward and should only take a few minutes.

Should I stop using Thunderbird?

Thunderbird is a good email client that has been around for a long time. It’s not as popular as Gmail, Outlook, or Yahoo Mail, but it still has a lot of users. I would recommend Thunderbird if you want to use an email program with a lot of features and customization options, but if you just want something simple and reliable to check your email on the go, then you might want to try one of the other programs.

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