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How do I remove unwanted email addresses from Hotmail?


  1. Select Options More options from the Windows Live Hotmail toolbar.
  2. Follow the Safe and blocked senders link under Preventing junk email.
  3. Click Safe senders.
  4. Highlight the email address or domain you want to remove under Safe senders and domains

Remove Unwanted Email Addresses in Mail

Delete Incorrect Email Address from Outlook

How do I get rid of people’s old email addresses?

However, if you highlight the incorrect email address and press Delete, it’s a breeze to fix. In Mail, go to Window menu and select ‘Previous Recipients’ to delete a person’s old email address. Then select the old email address in question and hit the Remove from List button. You should always remove someone’s old email address if

Can you permanently delete an email address?

Locate the Gmail service and click the garbage bin next to it. After you’ve confirmed and followed the instructions, your account will be removed. In case you want to reinstate it at a later time, you may suspend it instead of deleting it permanently. To erase an account rather than suspend it, select the permanent delete option.

What happens when you remove email account from Outlook?

An email account is not automatically deactivated when you remove it from Outlook. If you want to cancel your account, contact your email service provider. You won’t be able to send or receive mail from a removed Outlook account in Outlook afterward.

How do I delete a folder in Outlook without deleting it?

All you have to do in Outlook is select and drag all of those messages into the relevant folder. It’s fine to erase the folder once it’s empty.

How do I hide Metadata folder in Outlook?

To avoid search results in your Search Folders showing up in your PersonMetadata folder, do the following: Select Customize This Search Folder from the right-click menu of the Search Folder. Choose Browse and clear any existing search folders from the drop-down list.

Does deleting an Outlook folder delete the emails?

When you no longer need a folder, you may remove it. The default folders, such as Drafts, Inbox, and Sent Mail, cannot be deleted. When you delete a folder, all of the email messages within are also removed.

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