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How do I reset my whisper app on my iphone?


  1. Open your whisper.
  2. Click on ME button.
  3. Once you click on ME button it will take you to SETTINGS page.
  4. On settings page.
  5. Click on link Email Support.
  6. On Subject Type “Request To Delete My Account”.

How do you delete all messages on Whisper?

Tap and hold the whispered message you want to delete and then tap Delete. Tap OK at the prompt.

How do I backup my whisper account?

There are a few ways to backup your whisper account.
1) You can export your data by going to the “Settings” tab and then clicking on “Exporting Data”.
2) You can also choose to back up your data as a .zip file by going to the “Settings” tab and then clicking on “Backup”. This will allow you to download all of your data as a .zip file.

How do you delete Twitch account?

You can delete your Twitch account by following these steps:
-Log in to your account
-Click on the gear icon in the upper right corner of the screen
-Select “Twitch Account” from the menu
-Choose “Delete my account” from the drop down menu

How do I watch old whispers on twitch?

Twitch is a live streaming website that allows you to watch people play video games. You can also use the site to watch people stream their lives like they are on TV. The site has a lot of different channels, but it’s not possible to find old whispers.

Can you Unsend message twitch?

Yes, you can unsend a message on Twitch. You can do this by clicking on the gear icon in the chat box and selecting “Delete Chat Messages”.

Can Whisper be traced?

Whisper can be traced. If someone is using the app to post something that violates the law, it can be traced back to them.

Can police track whisper?

Police officers can’t track whispers, but they can use other methods to find the source of a sound. The most common method is using a microphone which is then connected to a computer that has software that can identify the location of the sound.

How do you delete messages on Whisper?

To delete messages on Whisper, you can tap the message and then select “delete”.

What happens when you delete a chat on Whisper?

Whisper is a social media app that allows people to send messages anonymously. When you delete a chat, the chat will disappear from your chat list and all messages in the chat will be erased.

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