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How do I return something to JCPenney online?


Please find the “returns or exchange” form on the invoice and fill it out. If you don’t have a receipt, please enclose your name, address, phone number, and approximate date of purchase with an item in your return package. Return postage is the responsibility of customers.

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Log into your JCP.com account at the top of the homepage, and click “My Account” in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. Next to your Orders tab, click on the order number for which you need to return something before heading back to JC Penney’s Online Return Center.

On the next page, find and select your item(s) there and fill out all of the relevant information about why you want a refund or exchange, what country that item is being returned from (you’ll be making a trip to Border Town!), etc.). Where it asks if you would like a refund or an exchange, choose “Exchange.” On this page make sure you take note of both RMA numbers: one for the item(s) being returned to JCPenney, and one for the item(s) you’re going to purchase after. They’ll be printed on a separate page at the end of the return process.

Next, click through each link provided in this next section (the ones listed under “Products Eligible For This Service”) and fill out all relevant information for your new order. Remember that during your time at Border Town shopping around for something better than what you previously ordered from JCPenney’s online shop, you MUST NOT remove anything from its original package. Doing so will almost definitely result in losing whatever money is left on your account or any savings brought about by using promotion codes or discounts — both of which JCPenney allows you to use on your return.

JCPenney’s Return Part 1

After filling out all of the relevant information for both orders, you’ll be asked to review the “Final Order Summary” and hit “Complete this request.” If you previously submitted a request online, there will be an interface that allows you to manage returns and exchanges or cancel them — which brings us back to the beginning! Note that while a recent update has made it so JCPenney does not need a photo of your packing slip emailed or faxed in upon completion of each return process, keep in mind that they may still require one before they accept any package containing electronics, appliances, etc. If I’m returning something I bought at JCPenney’s store offline (but trying to use my online account), do I need to call or email customer service for an RMA?

No. If you’re returning something you bought at JCPenney’s store, no matter whether it was a gift or if you decided the product wasn’t worth your money … You can return items purchased via JCPenney’s online store without having to contact the company directly on what would otherwise be a typical brick-and-mortar retail sale. As long as you have your original packing slip (which states that the item/items were purchased from JCPenney, and includes a description of said item(s) itself, among other things), all you need to access your account is either an email address and/or a JCPenney Rewards Card number, which you can use to sign in and begin returning the item/items as indicated above.

Yes … In fact, this used to be standard practice with all retailers everywhere — notably before Amazon enabled customers to link their purchases across multiple devices to help streamline the return process when using its website or app for the first time ever. However, even though you’re able to use one RMA on an order containing items purchased both online and offline at JC Penney’s retail stores nationally (all they need to know is the order number), it’s still good practice to seek out an RMA (which aren’t free and are generally issued in five or fewer business days) for each return/exchange process you initiate. This way, if one of your orders gets lost in the shuffle, mislabeled, etc., it won’t affect your ability to receive credit on another that’s yet to be processed by the company.

How do I return something to JCPenney online?

Please find the “returns or exchange” form on the invoice and fill it out. If you don’t have a receipt, please enclose your name, address, phone number, and approximate date of purchase with an item in your return package. Return postage is the responsibility of customers.

How do I return something to JCPenney?

Returning or exchanging an item is now easier than ever. When returning items, you can drive to any JCPenney store closer to home, call customer service and have a representative pick up the eligible items at your house, or mail eligible items back. As long as the return meets certain requirements, it will be accepted with or without a receipt.

Can you return online purchases in-store?

Return policies are usually the same whether you’re buying in-store or online, for the most part. This means that if a major clothing company discontinues something, then you might have at least two weeks to find another retailer that sells it.

How do I return a package to sender?

If the sender has a return address on the package, you should return it to them. If not, you can either contact the manufacturer of the product or other party involved in order to find their address.

How do I send back a package?

To send back a package, you’ll need to contact the retailer or company that sent it. You can call them, email them, or visit their website.
You’ll need your order number and the return tracking number.

How do I create a return label?

There are a few different ways to create a return label. You can either send an email to [email protected] with your order number and the items you would like to return, or you can log in to your account on the Returnly website and select “Return Items” from the menu.

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