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How do I send a private message on StockTwits?


To reply or directly address other users in an asynchronous conversation, use either “reply” (@username) or a specific message to the person you are addressing.

How to Send a Private Message in Twitter

How do you DM on StockTwits?

When engaging in conversation with others, reply to one user at a time or use an @mention.

What happens when you block someone on StockTwits?

When you block a user, they are no longer able to access your messages, profile in search results, or see your account. This prevents bad behavior and harassment from this person knowing you blocked them.

Can you curse StockTwits?

Derogatory Language: Messages should not be written with derogatory or racist language. Vulgarity: You should not use vulgarity in your Stocktwits profile or tag messages.

How do you use StockTwits?

The All Stream in the StockTwits and TweetDeck platforms is a list of all tweets, so you can read or interact with any tweet. You should avoid using the All stream for anything but viewing to prevent becoming confused about where your interactions are going each time you click on them.

How many messages do you get on StockTwits?

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