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How do I sign out of Outlook on Android?


  1. In any Office app, from the Recent screen, tap the person icon.
  2. Tap your name (don’t tap View Profile). Tap Sign Out > Sign Out again to confirm.
  3. Close all Office apps.

How to Sign Out Outlook App on Android and iOS Devices

Microsoft Outlook for Android

Write an article about how to sign out of Outlook on Android. You would think signing out of Outlook should be easy, but it’s not. Here are the steps you need to take to sign out of Outlook on Android:

1) Click on your profile photo in the upper-left corner. 2) Click “Settings” and then select “Accounts.” 3) Click “Outlook” and then click “Sign Out.”

Now you’ll be able to sign in to Outlook on Android with a different account. If you’re signing in with the same account, then follow these steps:

1) Click your profile photo in the upper-left corner and then tap “Accounts.” 2) Tap “Add Account” and then select “Email or phone/SMS.” 3) Enter your email address, password, and name for this Outlook account. 4) Turn notifications on by clicking the slider next to “Notifications” enabled which is located at the top of the screen. 5) Now click “Next” in the upper-right corner of the screen so you can sync contacts and calendars between your Outlook accounts. 6) At this point, you should be signed in to all of your Outlook accounts. You can add or remove accounts by clicking the “Accounts” button and then adding them from this screen.

Do you have any tips for Gmail vs Outlook.com?

Many people find Outlook.com a pleasure to use because the interface is clean and clear, there are no email previews that clutter the screen, and all of your emails on one page for easy access. You can also create an unlimited number of folders on Outlook.com where you can store your emails in bulk by moving them from their original labels such as ‘Inbox’ (not possible on Gmail).

The new message composition window provides everything you need for creating professional looking messages including formatting tools like bold or italics; it even automatically recognizes phone numbers and postal addresses and formats them properly. And attachments like photos, videos, Word docs and others can be added to your email without extra work (unlike Gmail).

I’m seeing status of “Sending…” on my Outlook.com for mobile app and not getting new emails. Why?

– You’ve exceeded your email quota. To fix this, go to Outlook.com using a browser on your mobile device, click Options in the header menu and select Quota under General settings > Email, uncheck “Automatically download new emails when they arrive” then click Save changes.  or
– Your POP or IMAP email settings aren’t set up correctly. Check that you’re POP3 or IMAP enabled in the Account Information section of your MySettings page by typing in your full e-mail address and clicking Next until you come to the Personal Information page. If not, follow our instructions here . Or
– You need to consolidate all of your emails onto one Exchange domain account. This is useful if you have multiple Outlook email accounts on your device.

Why am I seeing a password screen when trying to sign in to my account on Outlook for Office 365?

Since your account is still protected by a password, the “Leave Password” button will not be visibile. Secure sign-in requires a password, so this is normal behavior. Click the appropriate buttons to enter your username and password, then press Enter or click on the appropriate field to continue. You may have an error message which you can try typing [email protected] in response to before typing it in fully out of habit.

How do I sign out of Outlook on Android?

The simplest way to sign out of your Microsoft Outlook Android app is to use the “Sign Out” option on the app’s home screen. Alternatively, you can also exit or close then reopen the app. If this does not work, go to Settings > Accounts & sync within your Google Play Store account and remove access for Microsoft Outlook.

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