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How do I sign out of Windows 8?


  1. When viewing the desktop, press Alt+F4 (also the standard shortcut for closing most windows).
  2. In the Shut Down Windows dialog that appears.
  3. Select “Sign Out” from the drop-down menu and then click OK.

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What happens when you sign out of Windows 8?

As of Windows 8, the term “sign out” has replaced “log off.” Saving your files, shutting down all of your programs, and then ending your Windows user session is what sign out entails. The lock screen has a lovely background picture with the time and date prominently displayed.

How do I log myself out of my computer?

Choose Sign out from the drop-down menu. Alternatively, click Start and then Sign out from the pop-up menu that appears.

How do I quickly logout of Windows?

Delete your password by following these steps: 1. To access the Quick Access menu, simultaneously press the Windows logo and “x” key on your keyboard. 2. Shortcuts may be used to log off completely using u and i on your keyboard or by dragging with your mouse around the interface until it disappears.

How do I log off a switch user?

Click the system menu on the right side of the top bar, then expand Power Off / Log Out and choose an option. Only if you have more than one user account on your system will the Log Out and Switch User options appear in the menu.

How do I log out without shutting down?

Minimize or close all open windows, or hit the Windows key+D to group them together and view the Desktop. Now press Alt+F4. If that doesn’t work, double-check that the Desktop is activated.

How do I remove a Windows account from my PC?

Select Start > Settings > Accounts > Other users. After that, select the person’s name or email address and then Remove. Read the terms of service and choose Delete account and data to confirm your decision. This will not delete the user’s Microsoft account, but it will remove their sign-in information and account data from your PC.

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