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How do I sign out of YouTube iOS?


  1. Tap your account photo .
  2. Tap Switch account.
  3. Tap Use YouTube signed out.

How to Logout of YouTube on iPhone (2021)

How to Sign Out from YouTube iPhone (2021)

How do I sign out of the YouTube app?

Tap your icon image at the top right corner of the screen. Again, tap your account icon in the top-right corner. Steven John/Business Insider. Under “Account,” tap your name or email. Tap the words “Use YouTube signed out.”

Is there a YouTube app for iOS?

Yes, there is a YouTube app for iOS. You can find it in the App Store and download it for free.

How do I download YouTube app to my IPAD?

The YouTube app is not available for the iPad. However, you can use Safari to watch videos on YouTube.

Why can’t I find YouTube on App Store?

There are a number of possible reasons for this. For example, YouTube is not available in your country. It may be that you have an old version of the app on your phone and it has been removed from the App Store. You may also be using a different app to access YouTube on your device.

Is YouTube app free for iPhone?

To get YouTube back on your iPhone, you need to open the app store and search for YouTube. Then, download the app and sign in with your Google account.

Where are YouTube settings on iPad?

To find the YouTube settings on an iPad, you need to go to Settings -> YouTube. From there, you can adjust your preferences for how you want the app to behave.

Why is the YouTube app not compatible with my iPad?

The YouTube app is only compatible with the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. The YouTube app is not compatible with other mobile devices or computers.

Can I download YouTube app?

There is no YouTube app on the iPhone, but you can download YouTube videos to watch offline.

How can I download YouTube videos in iOS 9.3 5?

In order to download YouTube videos in iOS 9.3 5, you will need to use a third-party app. There are many apps available for this purpose, but one option is the Air Video app. This app is free and can be downloaded from the App Store. Once you have downloaded the app, follow these steps:
1) Open the Air Video app on your device and select a video that you want to download.

Why cant I download YouTube on my iPhone?

This is a question that many people have been asking for years. The YouTube app on the iPhone has been notoriously difficult to download. In order to download the YouTube app, you would have to jailbreak your phone and use a third party installer.
The answer should be less than 6 sentences.

Is YouTube paid in iPhone?

YouTube is not paid in iPhone.

Does the YouTube App cost money?

Yes, the YouTube app costs $10.

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