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How do I start over on Wix?


  1. If you want to start your site again, you need to create a new site.
  2. You can do this from within the existing site.
  3. Click Site on the top right menu.
  4. Select Create New Site.

how to delete a wix website

Wix Tutorial For Beginners

How do I delete my Wix website and start over?

Go to the Wix website and log in. Click on “Website Manager” in the top left corner of the page. Click on “Delete Site” at the bottom of the page. You will be prompted to confirm that you want to delete your site, click “Yes”.
You cannot delete a Wix account without deleting your website as well.

Can you start from scratch in Wix?

Wix is a website development platform that allows you to create and maintain your own site. The Wix editor is not very user-friendly, but it does offer a lot of features for creating your site. There are some templates that allow you to get started with less work, but many require more customization. You can also install apps from the app store which will add functionality and design elements to your site.

How do I reset my Wix editor?

The Wix editor has a reset button in the bottom left-hand corner.

How do I reset my Wix theme?

The best way to reset your Wix theme is by deleting the theme’s files from the server. You can then re-upload it or create a new one.

How do I change my website on Wix?

You can change your website on Wix by either clicking the “Website” tab at the top of the page or by selecting “Website” from the menu to the left. From there, you can edit your website’s content, design, and features.

Can I edit my Wix website after publishing?

Yes, you can edit your Wix website after publishing. You can edit any page and change the content, images, text and more.

How do I revert back to old Wix editor?

You can revert back to the old Wix Editor by going to the “Tools” tab and selecting “Preferences”. From there, go to “General Settings” and select “Old editor”.

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