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How do I stop following someone on LinkedIn?


Click the More icon. Click Unfollow [name] from the list of options that appears. You’ll immediately notice the option to click Undo.

To stop following someone on LinkedIn:

1. From the user’s profile, click Unfollow > Confirm.

2. Click Unfollow if you want to remove yourself from each of the user’s updates and posts in your news feed. If you do not want to remove yourself entirely from seeing their activity, then click No Thanks. You can always choose to follow them again at any time in the future by selecting Follow this person under Following on his or her profile page and clicking Connect next to that person’s name in your network updates.”

You will no longer see status updates, recommendations and invitations posted by people you are following but have not directly connected with through a first-degree connection (you are not connected as first-degree connections). You will see content posted by people with whom you have first-degree connections.

If someone is bothering you on the site, you can also block them. To find out how to block a user, click here . Please note however that blocking a member will not remove him or her from any groups that both of you are members of.

How do I make LinkedIn contacts and invitations private?

LinkedIn makes your communications with other LinkedIn members confidential unless you give us permission to use them in some way. For example, if your messages go through our servers they may be logged as described below: we may retain and use such information for administration and troubleshooting purposes; we may send you an email confirming that we have received your message; and we may store the content of your messages on our server to prevent malicious activity or spamming. You can adjust or revoke these permissions at any time by clicking Settings, then Account Privacy.

How do I send a recommendation?

Recommendations are optional, but they help your network know what you think about them. You can find out who is connected to you on LinkedIn by clicking People > View in the top navigation bar, then choosing See Who’s Connected To You from the drop-down menu. If that person has made their connections visible to you (i.e., if you have permission), all connections will appear as individual recommendations which include: First name, Last name, Company Name, Job Function, City, State/Region and Country. You can then choose to send a recommendation by clicking the Leave a Recommendation link. To send multiple recommendations in one email, click Compose Recommendations and enter up to five names in the recipient field (e.g., “John Smith, Mary Jones”).

How do I make LinkedIn answers private?

If you ask a question on LinkedIn Answers or post an answer using your LinkedIn profile, it will be publicly viewable until you make it private. In order for others to see your responses and questions they must be connected directly with you either as a first degree connection or via one of their connections who is connected with you directly. Your answers are also visible to any search engine that crawls the site, but they are not accessible to search engines unless you publish them (for example, by choosing a Featured answer). We retain and use such information for administration and troubleshooting purposes.

If you want your question or answer to be private, then after posting it go to the Publish section in the left navigation bar and click Hide this post from all connections that aren’t first degree. Private questions will be visible only to other users who have specifically opted into seeing “Private” or “Only Share with first degree connections” posts.” Users can choose whether or not they want their answers displayed publicly by going to their My Posts page under Account Settings > Privacy settings. To make an answer public again, simply uncheck the checkbox says Only Share with first degree connections.

How do I make LinkedIn Groups private?

All posts and discussions made in public LinkedIn Groups are viewable by all LinkedIn members unless they have elected to be a group member without posting or commenting privileges. Members of a Group can see who has joined the group even if they haven’t been explicitly invited, but non-members cannot see whom those people are (they just see that people have joined). If you want to keep your LinkedIn Group membership private, then you must not join it as a public member. Instead, send an invitation directly from one user to another so that only invitees can see your email address when they accept the invitation; it is our goal to respect your privacy in this situation by not displaying your email address to the group’s membership. To make a LinkedIn Group private for all future members, click Edit under Group Info (on top right) and select “Private” as the default setting in the Visibility section.

How do I manage my website preferences?

You can control how other websites use cookies or similar tools on your computer by adjusting your browser settings. If you block cookies from our site without allowing some types of cookies, you may not be able to take advantage of all of our website features. You can also choose what types of advertising are shown to you on LinkedIn based on your current browser settings and/or information stored in an Ad Preference cookie if available in your browser; this allows you to set preferences for certain types of advertisements or advertisements from specific companies. To learn more about how you can manage your cookie settings, please check the “Help” menu on your browser to find out how. To opt-out of interest based ads.

Why can’t I see connections in the first degree?

In order to protect the privacy of our users and limit spam, you will not be able to directly view any user except for your first-degree connections. If you want to contact a member who is not your direct connection but has at least one mutual first degree connection with you, then send an invitation by using the Connections > Invite or request button.

How do I change my password?

To reset a forgotten username or password: Click Forgot username or password ? Click Submit . An email containing instructions will be sent to the address associated with your account. Follow those instructions. To reset your password please click “Forgot?” next to Password . Remember, you only need to reset your password if your account is currently locked.

How do I edit my profile?

You can control the information displayed on your profile by clicking Manage Profile under My LinkedIn in the left navigation bar and then Edit Profile . We allow you to add an image, a short list of interests, any number of skills/certifications, education background, job history and more. To change basic contact details like your phone number or email address click on the View Account Info link right next to it (if available). When editing your profile picture , make sure that you upload a photo which is at least 200×200 pixels – otherwise, LinkedIn will shrink it down to 88×88 pixels!

What are connections for?

LinkedIn is a professional network where everyone’s profile has been verified (unless they chose not to be verified) and there are no anonymous members. Therefore, it makes sense that connections should be meaningful: real people who you know in real life and with whom you’ve interacted on the site. Anything else will cause your account to appear suspicious. ​​We do not allow members to connect with others that they have never met either in person or online unless they fit into one of the categories listed below. If we find that you’re making “sales” connections or connections that are irrelevant to your professional life, then we will inform you twice (by email and by message inside LinkedIn) before removing these users from your network. You can find more information in our User Agreement .

When do I get promoted to “Standard” membership?

We promote members who have a certain number of connections or endorsements from other members. This will give you increased visibility, letting people find and connect with you much more easily. To see the exact requirements of your account’s promotion level please click on Account > Settings in the left navigation bar and then choose Network Statistics under Membership Status . If your account is not eligible for any discounts, then subsequently you will enjoy all of LinkedIn’s features completely free.

How can I remove my profile?​

Please contact us at [email protected] if you wish to delete your professional profile or terminate your account. Before doing so, please ensure that you have your username and password saved somewhere in case you need to log back in. Upon receiving your request, we will immediately remove all information from our servers, but this process takes up to 7 days during which time you’ll be able to log back into the site via our “forgot password” functionality. If you wish to deactivate your account before it is eliminated completely, then please go to Account > Settings inside the left navigation bar and choose Deactivate Your Account under Manage My LinkedIn .

How do I hide or delete my company page?​

You can manage your company’s presence on LinkedIn by either hiding it or deleting it. Hiding removes individual features while keeping everything else intact – this way, even if your company page is no longer visible in search results or on LinkedIn, you can still access and manage it in the left navigation bar under Companies . Delete completely hides everything and leaves only a short link behind, which will point to your main (personal) profile page. Please note that if your account has been deleted you won’t be able to log back into LinkedIn – please save your username and password before doing so.

How do I go about getting my account unlocked?​

If you have forgotten your password , go inside the platform via our “forgot password” functionality as instructed above, click on Forgot Password next to Passwords , type in the email address associated with your account and then follow further instructions inside the.

, go inside the platform via our “forgot password” functionality as instructed above, click on next to , type in the email address associated with your account and then follow further instructions inside the. If you have not reset your password or are locked out of your account for any reason other than that, please try accessing it from a different browser (ex: Google Chrome) before contacting us at [email protected] so we can assist you further .

or are locked out of your account for any reason other than that, please try accessing it from a different browser (ex: Google Chrome) before contacting us at . Please be aware that if anyone else has access to your device , they might already know or guess your password.

How do I stop following someone on LinkedIn?

Click the More icon. Click Unfollow [name] from the list of options that appears. You’ll immediately notice the option to click Undo.

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