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How do I temporarily hide my LinkedIn profile?


Although we don’t offer the option to disable your account, you can choose what details appear in search engines by editing your public profile.

LinkedIn displays a person’s name, headline and picture on profiles. These are the most visible portions of LinkedIn profiles and should be pertinent to your profession or business. For example, John Doe’s profile would show his name as JohnDoe_CPA if he listed himself as a CPA in his work experience; or Jane Doe may list her occupation as “Marketing Specialist” but it will say “Marketing Specialist at Acme Inc.” below her photo. If an employment agency has agreed not to reveal their client’s identity they should consider hiding their clients’ names from public view when discussing them in the company of others who do not have LinkedIn accounts when discussing them with current employees at another company where their client is interviewing for a position.

What should I consider before I make my profile invisible?

LinkedIn has placed several limits on who can and cannot see your profile, depending upon whether you’ve set it to private or not. Some of the key things you need to know are: 1) Your name and headline will still be visible. 2) Only your direct connections will be able to view your activity such as status updates, shared connections and contact information. 3) The more people who can see what you share about yourself (connections, status updates, etc.) the higher the possibility of your privacy being compromised in some way. 4) If you have a public email address (e.g.: [email protected] anyone with access to google might be able to find you) and it is linked to your LinkedIn account, then anyone who views your profile will be able to click the email address and send you a message. So even if you hide everything else, including your name — someone might still be able to contact you by sending an anonymous-looking email through LinkedIn’s messaging system.

How can I make my LinkedIn profile invisible?

On both iOS (Apple iPad/iPhone) and Android devices simply log into LinkedIn, and follow these steps: 1) Click on the user icon in the top right corner of any page 2) In the drop down menu select “Edit Profile” 3) Scroll down until you see “Who can see my name?” which is located under “Contact Info” and select “Only people in your network”. You’ll also notice other options under this setting such as being able to make yourself searchable on LinkedIn when someone searches for you, whether or not you want to allow others with whom you’ve worked at previous companies to see your profile, etc. The more people who can see what you share about yourself (connections, status updates, etc.) the higher the possibility of your privacy being compromised in some way.

How do I hide my LinkedIn profile from everyone else?

If for whatever reason you wish to hide all aspects of your LinkedIn profile then consider the following: 1) Set your name to “Do Not Search”. This will stop anyone from to find or view your profile. 2) Set your headline to “I do not wish to be found”. 3) Remove all of your current work experience. 4) Remove as much public contact info (e.g.: phone number, email address and website) from your profile as possible. 5) Remove any groups you are a member of that might reveal sensitive information about you (e.g.: groups for social networking security, etc.).

I don’t want to make my LinkedIn profile entirely private because I do not wish certain people within my network who are connected with me through work at previous companies or through my professional associations to block them all out, what should I do?

1) Make sure the direct people in your network who will need access to your profile are the first ones to accept your invitation and connect with you. The people within your network who have already connected with you will be able to see all aspects of your profile (including all shared connections) as well as access any public information that is currently listed on your profile. 2) Use LinkedIn’s “Sharing Invitations” setting which will allow you to pick exactly who can view certain parts of your profile based upon their connection with you, such as sharing job opportunities with them without revealing your name or location. 3) Remove inappropriate content such as details of parties and other social functions from what might be publicly visible about you through LinkedIn’s privacy settings.

I’ve heard rumors online about a way make my private LinkedIn profile completely invisible to search engine results, is there any truth to this?

No. There has been a number of similar rumors online about various social platforms which claim that if you place some type of white text on a black background in your profile it will make you invisible to search engines, etc. It doesn’t work and is simply an internet myth so please do not attempt it as it can put your LinkedIn membership at risk and may result in your account being suspended or closed.

Can I keep my LinkedIn profile completely private and 100% invisible/undetectable to everyone else?

In most cases the answer is no because LinkedIn profiles are indexed by Google just like all other public websites. The only way to entirely hide everything about yourself online is to go off the internet completely and never log back in. There are some cases where LinkedIn profiles may not appear in search engine results but it is not guaranteed. One of the reasons LinkedIn profiles might not be visible in Google results is because they are sometimes too new and therefore cannot be found during a recent search, which can take anywhere from three months to a year or more for this to happen, depending on the profile’s age and other factors such as frequency of updates posted by each member. Another reason may be that you have somehow managed to get yourself automatically removed from search engines (e.g.: setting your name to “Do Not Search”, etc.) or that your profile has been blocked due incorrect use your contact info (e.g.: your email address doesn’t match that which is listed with LinkedIn) or other reasons. Unless you can 100% guarantee that there is absolutely no way possible for someone to find your information on LinkedIn then it’s always best to assume your profile may be found by search engines such as Google unless otherwise notified by a LinkedIn staff member. If you have any questions about whether or not your profile has been made private from search engine results please contact an official member of the LinkedIn Staff via their direct support channel and they will be able to let you know what (if anything) you need to do in order make ensure only those who need access to view it will be able view it.

Is my privacy safe on LinkedIn?

Generally speaking, the level of privacy you have on LinkedIn is equivalent to what you allow others to see. There are a number of default privacy settings in place by LinkedIn which ensure your public profile will not automatically be viewable by everyone, but these settings can easily be changed without notice so it’s best to assume nothing is private unless otherwise told that way by a LinkedIn staff member. In most cases your full name and location (e.g.: city/state or other region) will appear publicly as well as the email address connected to your account and any jobs you may be actively looking for, if those options are checked on your account. Your current company and school affiliations may also appear by default depending upon how/when you added them, which can include connections with all of your current and past connections as well (you can change these settings at anytime under “Account & Settings” > “Privacy Controls”). Each member has a number of additional privacy options available, which by default are set to display information that may be visible to select groups or the public depending upon your preferences.

How do I temporarily hide my LinkedIn profile?

Although we don’t offer the option to disable your account, you can choose what details appear in search engines by editing your public profile.

Can you temporarily disable LinkedIn?

If you are not sure what steps you need to take, just keep reading.
LinkedIn users have the option to temporarily deactivate their accounts. Once they are ready to go back, they will not have to create a new one – instead, it can be as easy as hopping back into your profile and continuing from there.

What happens when you deactivate LinkedIn?

You must delete all your information from the site permanently and opt out of any subscriptions to keep your account. Do this in order to close the account, which will remove your access to LinkedIn for free or paid accounts.

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