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How do I transfer my war and Order account?


  1. Go to your device Settings > Safari > Clear History and Website Data.
  2. Open your Safari browser, go to Facebook, and login to your target account. (You may also want to switch accounts in your Facebook app to be safe.)
  3. Enter the game and switch accounts. Repeat 1-3 whenever you want to switch game accounts.

War and Order Guide -Create and Bind War and Order Farm Account

How do you unbind War and order?

Tap “Account,” and then “Undo Bind.” To cease getting a push notification when your old account is scouted or attacked, turn off all notification settings. If you want to continue using the previous lord name in a new account, change your lord name. Then hit your avatar, followed by “Account,” and then “Undo Bind.”

How do I recover my war and Order account?

If your game account was linked to a Google Play or Game Center account (depending on the platform you are playing on), you may restore it yourself. In your device’s settings, add your Google account (Settings -> Accounts -> Add account -> Google). Restart the game to see if the progress loads automatically.

How do I have multiple accounts on war and order?

In the menu, go to Accounts and click it. Double-check that the account is linked. Select New Game from the drop-down menu – the red button on the bottom of the screen. To Create a New Account, confirm by clicking Confirm.

What does LP stand for in war and order?

You must kill low-level creatures to be able to fight higher level monsters. You must defeat a level 1 monster before you can face a level 2 foe, for example.

How do I move realms in war and order?

You can instantly transport to another realm by selecting the Realm you wish from the Globe Map, then tapping your chosen destination with an Elite Teleport.

How do I recover my game account?

Launch the game on your device for which you wish to delete the account. Open the Game Center settings on your phone (Settings > Game Center). Connect to a Game Center account with an Apple ID and password from within the game. Start playing. You’ll be asked whether you want to restore your Google-connected game account.

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