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How do I turn off Apple TV+?


  1. Hold down the Home button on the Apple TV remote.
  2. For earlier models of the hardware, hold down the Play/Pause button until Apple TV goes to sleep.
  3. Click Sleep.
  4. Press any button on the Apple TV remote to wake the device back up.

Apple TV+ can be turned on or off in Settings. To turn Apple TV+ on or off:

Press and hold the Menu button on your Siri Remote until you see the Utilities menu. Select Turn Off Apple TV+. Or, navigate to Settings > Remotes and Devices > Legacy Remote app support. Disable (or enable) Apple TV+ with your iPhone by using your iPhone’s Control Center. Press Home and swipe up to reveal Control Center. Tap AirPlay Mirroring (for a 2nd generation Apple TV or later) or AirPlay for Music, Videos, Photos, and Games (for an older model). For iPod touch, iPad 2, iPad 3 & 4 only: tap Mute/Unmute. Look for Apple TV+ in the list, and toggle it off.

How do I turn on closed captions?

After an episode starts playing, you can turn on closed captions by pressing Control + (the “a” key) or swipe left to right across the screen with three fingers and tap CC. When an app doesn’t have closed captions support, you won’t see this option.

You can also purchase a subscription to Apple TV Channels from your iPhone that includes supported channels like HBO NOW, Showtime, STARZ PLAY and CBS All Access so you can access their content with Siri. See Apple TV Channels for more details. To get started with Apple TV Channels on your iPhone: Go to Settings > [Your Name] > iTunes & App Store. Tap Apple ID, then tap View Apple ID. You might be asked to sign in with your Apple ID. Make sure you use the same email address that’s linked to your existing subscriptions on iPhone for now. Once in your account, look for “Apple TV Channels Auto-Renewable Subscriptions”. Select Manage and follow any additional steps to manage your subscription via an iOS device running tvOS 11 or later.

I didn’t find what I was looking for on Apple TV+.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for on Apple TV+, ask Siri by saying something like: “Find [name of movie].” Or, browse the top charts by asking Siri to show you: “Top [category] on Apple TV+.”

For example, ask Siri to find the best action movies on Apple TV+. (Siri will only suggest content from apps that are in your country.) If there isn’t an app available for a specific type of content like news or sports, you’ll get a message saying so.

I can’t sign into my cable provider.

Because Apple TV has built-in support for live news and sports, it doesn’t need access to your cable subscription data. The login process is simplified and requires you to verify within each app whether you have a supported provider or not. For more information about how live video works with Apple TV, see this article from Support.

Here’s an example of what you’ll see when trying to access live content from a provider that isn’t supported by Apple TV:

If you get this error and the app you’re using supports Siri, ask Siri for help like “Can I use my Apple ID to sign in” or “How do I sign into [name of app] with my cable provider?” If you don’t want to change your cable subscription but still want some of the features available through apps requiring login credentials, consider creating an iCloud account. You can then add your new account as a secondary login on your device under Settings > [Your Name] > iTunes & App Store. Once logged in with this Apple ID, those apps will be able to suggest content you might be interested in based on your past purchase history, wish list or other Apple services.

Do I need a subscription to watch the season finale?

No. For most content available through Apple TV+, once you’ve purchased (through iTunes) an episode, movie or series, it will remain as part of your collection and will not require a new subscription for viewing in the future. See this article from Support for more details about how purchasing works with Apple TV+.

The app doesn’t work when mirroring from my Mac or PC. Can I cast instead?

Yes! When you’re connected to an AirPlay-enabled device like HomePod, use Control Center to choose between casting and mirroring. If you don’t see the icon in Control Center, try using your Siri Remote to ask Siri to “turn on AirPlay.”

HDR and Dolby Atmos content isn’t supported.

Some apps that provide live content like news, sports and live events may not support HDR or Dolby Atmos. Check if there’s a separate app for watching this type of content from your cable provider before upgrading to Apple TV 4K or Apple TV (4th Generation). If you’re already running tvOS 11 or later and you don’t have access to an alternative app, let us know by contacting Apple Support.

Apple Music won’t play the song I want on HomePod. How do I fix this?

In order to play music through HomePod, all of your iTunes content must be downloaded to Apple TV (4th generation) or HomePod. See this page from Support for more details about syncing iTunes content to Apple TV 4K and HomePod.

I’m having issues with AirPlay 2 on my device running iOS 11. Does Apple TV support it?

Yes! tvOS 12 introduced compatibility with AirPlay 2. Here’s how you can enable it: Launch Settings on your iOS device running tvOS 12 or later Scroll down and tap Miscellaneous Choose AirPlay Toggle the option On Restart your iOS device After rebooting, go back into Settings > Audio & Video > Volume Control Options and then toggle the Mute switch off This will allow devices that support the AirPlay 2 protocol to play audio through Apple TV when connected.

How do I navigate in apps not designed for Apple TV?

The Siri Remote includes many of the navigation tools you’re used to using on your iOS device, including swiping and tapping with your thumb. If you need more gestures to control playback, call out “pause” or “rewind” or ask Siri for help. Just keep talking! We’ve also compiled a list of all Siri commands—and their voice equivalents—that work on earlier versions of tvOS. You can see what’s new here. For example, you can ask Siri on older versions of tvOS: What did he say?

What did she say?

What did they say? On tvOS 12 for Apple TV (4th generation): What was that? You can also use Siri to search for movies, shows, and games in a variety of languages. Just ask: Find [song or artist] in French

Find [movie or show title] in Spanish

Find actions star Natalie Portman in Thai

How do I control my TVs from Apple TV App on an iPad using AirPlay 2?

Just like connecting to your HomePod via AirPlay, you’ll be able to connect your iOS device running the app to multiple televisions with the same account. From this screen you can choose what output you’d like to see on which television just as you would via AirPlay.

I connected my iPad to Apple TV 4K with AirPlay 2, but the audio isn’t playing through Apple TV 4K. How do I fix this?

This can happen if your iOS device and tvOS on your Apple TV are out of date. Make sure apps on your iOS device run at least tvOS 11 or later, while Apple TV runs at least tvOS 10.4 or later in order for AirPlay 2 to work correctly. You can check which version you’re running by going into Settings on your iOS device and scrolling down to Software Version and selecting it. If either of these versions has a lower number than what is recommended above, make sure to update them as soon as possible before using AirPlay.

How do I connect my iPad to Apple TV?

You can connect your iPad running the app by opening Control Center on your iOS device, then tap AirPlay and select Apple TV. You’ll be prompted to enter a code that appears on-screen on your Apple TV—just follow the instructions from there! Your iPad will be connected to all televisions with the same account that you are using on your iOS device.

How do I control which speaker audio comes through when playing music or podcasts using AirPlay 2?

On HomePod, choose from any set of speakers in range (or both at once) by saying “Hey Siri, play music in [Speaker Name]” Alternately, you can pause the music and select the destination for audio output through Control Center or on the device’s playback screen.

How do I disconnect from an Apple TV?

To stop sending content to your Apple TV via AirPlay, just tap Disconnect on your iOS device running tvOS 12 or later. To ensure you’re connected properly in the future, we recommend that you leave your iOS device’s Bluetooth setting turned on so that Apple TV will remember it when you want to connect again. You can turn this feature off by going into Settings > Bluetooth. If you have multiple devices set up with a profile, Siri may choose one of them as a default even if it is not necessarily the most convenient choice for playing content—you can change this behavior in Settings > Siri.

Can I still use my Apple TV remote to control the volume?

Yes! Your remotes will continue to work as usual—only your voice will be able to tell Siri what to do. (Siri also works with buttons on the new fourth-generation remote.) Additionally, if you have an Apple TV (4th generation) with Siri, it’s always listening for hands-free “Hey Siri” commands so you can quickly ask for something without having to click a button first. On other Apple TVs running tvOS 11 or later and iOS 10 or later you can also hold down the Play/Pause button on your remote when watching videos or playing games to access Siri-based commands like “pause,” “skip ahead,” or “what did he say?” Lastly, you can always use your iOS device running tvOS 12 or later with AirPlay 2 to control the volume of your TV.

How do I tell Siri what to play on my AirPlay speaker?

Siri can listen and respond fully hands-free when playing music from Apple Music, Podcasts, and other content that you might want to hear on HomePod. You can also say things like: Hey Siri, show my photos while I cook in the kitchen next Tuesday at 3 pm

Hey Siri, play jazz radio in the Kitchen (HomePod) while we eat dinner tonight

Hey Siri, resume Season One of Making a Murderer in the Living Room

How do I turn off Apple TV+?

1. Hold down the Home button on the Apple TV remote.
2. For earlier models of the hardware, hold down the Play/Pause button until Apple TV goes to sleep.
3. Click Sleep.
4. Press any button on the Apple TV remote to wake the device back up.

How do I turn off my Apple Plus?

Cancelling a subscription will not change your payment information.

How do I turn off Apple TV 4k?

To turn off your Apple TV via the Settings app, go to the Home screen and select Sleep Now.

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