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How do I turn off HTC Sense?


  1. Press MENU button. Press Settings.
  2. Press Applications. Press Manage Applications.
  3. Wait for the OS to compute application usage.
  4. Scroll down the list until you see HTC Sense and select it to go to the Application Info page.
  5. Press the Clear Defaults button. Press the HOME button.

How to Turn off HTC Sense: HTC Desire HD

How to Turn off HTC Sense: EVO 4G

How do I turn off my HTC sensor?

The sensor on your HTC phone is a motion-detecting camera. To turn it off, you will need to disable the motion detection function from your camera settings.

How do I turn off HTC Sense keyboard?

To turn off the HTC Sense keyboard, you can disable it in the settings menu.
The option to disable the HTC Sense keyboard is found in Settings -> Language & input -> Keyboard & input methods -> HTC Sense Input.
You can also turn off the keyboard by going to Settings -> Personalize -> Themes and selecting a theme with no keyboard.

How do I get rid of HTC Sense home?

If you don’t like the HTC Sense Home, there is a way to get rid of it. Press and hold an empty space on your home screen and tap “wipe.” This will delete all of your home screens and all of your apps. You can then add them back in however you want.

What is sense home on my HTC phone?

Sense Home is a feature on HTC phones that automatically adjusts the home screen and apps to your location.

How do I turn on HTC Sense home?

To turn on HTC Sense home, first go to settings and then tap “Personalize.” Next, tap “HTC Sense Home” and then tap the switch next to “On.

What is sense Home app on Android?

Sense Home is an app that allows users to customize their phone’s settings based on location.
The app is only available for Android devices.
It can be used to automatically adjust the brightness of the screen, set an alarm, or change the ringtone based on what time of day it is.

How do I update my HTC Sense home?

Go to Settings -> Home screen -> Home screen settings. If you have the latest version of HTC Sense, you’ll see an option for “Customize home screens.” Tap on this, and you can change which items show up on your home screens.

How do I install HTC Sense home on Android?

HTC Sense Home is a launcher that replaces your default launcher and provides you with a customized home screen experience. You can download it on the Google Play Store, but first you will need to uninstall your current launcher.
To install HTC Sense Home on Android:
1) Go to Settings > Apps > All
2) Select the app you want to uninstall (e.g.

Why does my phone keep saying home has stopped?

The “home” app is likely not running. If you are on the iPhone, you can find it by swiping up from the bottom of your screen to access your home screen.

How do you fix unfortunately home has stopped Android?

Unfortunately, home has stopped can be a sign of a virus on your phone. If you have an antivirus app, scan your phone to see if there are any viruses present. If not, you can try restarting your phone or clearing the cache and data from your device.

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