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How do I uninstall Instagram on Android?


  1. Go to your phone or tablet’s Settings and tap Applications.
  2. Manage Applications Instagram.
  3. Tap Uninstall.

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Why can’t I delete my instagram app?

To correct this issue, go to your phone’s Settings menu > Security > Device administrator. Now look for a tick next to Instagram in order to see if it’s been enabled. Remove the tick and then try uninstalling the app if it is checked.

Why is it so hard to delete Instagram?

They’re in Their Way. The second common reason that social networks make it difficult for you to cancel your accounts is that they don’t want you to leave. Most social network’s revenue models are based on having a large number of users. More people means more money from advertising, which equals profit.

How do I reinstall Instagram on Android?

APK Mirror is the greatest way to achieve this. Go to APK Mirror on your phone browser and search for “instagram” in the top right corner. On the next screen, tap Apps, then scroll down the list until you come across “Instagram by Instagram.” Select it.

Why can’t I uninstall your phone app?

Microsoft recently published a support article stating that the operating system will not allow you to delete the Your Phone app. The reason is that the app is “intensely integrated into Windows” to enable “multi-device experiences.”

Why is Instagram app not opening on Android?

To fix Instagram app crashing on Android, clear the data and cache of the Instagram app. To remove all of your Instagram data and cache on an Android phone, go to Settings > Application Manager > All apps > Instagram > then choose Clear Data, Clear Cache, and Force Stop.

How do I reinstall Instagram?

Go to your phone or tablet’s Settings app and select Apps. Select Instagram. Uninstall it by tapping Uninstall. Log in to the Google Play Store, reinstall Instagram, then sign in using your login credentials.