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How do I uninstall Likee app?


  1. To delete your account, open the Likee application.
  2. Click on your profile in the upper left.
  3. Then click on “Settings> Delete Account“.
  4. We read the warning and click “Next“.
  5. “Thank you for your feedback! We will reply you within 24 hours.
  6. Please check the “My Feedback” section.”

How To Delete Your Likee Account

How to delete account in like app in hindi

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How do I completely uninstall an app?

DIY uninstall Android apps
1. Go to Settings. Open Apps.
2. Select the app to uninstall.
3. Press Force Stop. Press Storage.
4. Press Clear Cache. Press Clear Data.
5. Return to the app screen.

Why can’t you uninstall an app?

Apps that are installed with Android system administrator authority may not allow you to remove them in most cases. Administrator access is required for certain apps to execute specific actions, such as locking your screen. To get rid of them, you’ll need to take away the app’s administrator rights: Go to settings.

How do I permanently delete an app from my Android?

To delete an app, go to Settings > Applications. Select the one you want to remove and press and hold it for a few moments, then release. If the app is on your screen when you hit “Uninstall,” it will be moved there automatically. The phone will vibrate once after which you’ll have access to move the program about the screen. Drago the program to the top of the screen where it says “Uninstall.” nOnce it’s turned red, remove your finger from the program to remove it.

Does uninstalling an app clear data?

The app data and cache are deleted. However, any folders or files the app creates in your storage folder will not be removed. Right, but when you uninstall the app manually, its data in your storage directory will not be erased.

Why can’t I uninstall apps on my iphone?

The common reason for can’t delete apps is—the restrictions for deleting apps is disabled. Enable restrictions for deleting apps by following tips below:
Right in “Settings” > tap “General” > Choose “Restrictions”. Enter the password set for restrictions as required.

How do I disable an app?

1. Go to Settings > Apps and scroll down to the All tab for a full list of your applications.
2. If you want to disable an app, simply touch it and then tap Disable.
3. These apps will no longer be visible in your primary apps list after they’ve been disabled, making it a great way to tidy up your list.

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