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How do I unlink a game from Game Center 2022?


  1. Tap the Settings icon on the home screen and select Game Center.
  2. From there, tap the name of the app you wish to remove.
  3. Select Delete App.

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How do I unlink a game from Rise of the kingdoms?

If you want to unlink a game from Rise of the kingdoms, you will need to go to your device’s Settings and tap on “Rise of the Kingdoms.” Tap on “Link Account” and choose the option to unlink.

How do I unlink my PUBG account from Game Center?

Open the Game Center app on your iPhone.
Tap on “Menu” near the bottom left of the screen.
Tap on “View My Player Profile”.
Tap on “Edit Profile Settings”.
Scroll down to “Game Services” and tap on it.
Unlink your PUBG account from Game Center by tapping on the blue arrow next to your PUBG username.

How do I remove Game Center from iOS 14?

Tap on Settings.
Scroll down and select General.
Tap on Game Center.
Select Delete Account.

How do I reset a game on my iPhone?

To reset a game on your iPhone, go to the app’s settings and select “Reset Game.” This will delete the game from your device.

How do I remove game center from Realme?

To remove Game Center from your phone, go to Settings and scroll down until you find the app. Then, tap on it and select Uninstall.

How do I delete my Game Center account on Mac?

To delete Game Center on your Mac, follow these steps:
Open the System Preferences app and click on “Users & Groups.”
Select your account name in the list of users.
Click the padlock icon in the lower left-hand corner of the window to unlock it, then enter your password to proceed.
Click on “Advanced Options” in the Accounts section of the window that appears.