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How do I unlink two iPhones from the same Apple ID?


  1. Go to “Settings”.
  2. Tap iTunes & App Store.
  3. Tap your “Apple ID”.
  4. Tap View “Apple ID”.
  5. Then tap “Remove” This Device.

How to Stop Sharing Contacts between iOS devices with Same Apple ID

Open Settings Tap on Mail or Contacts (depending on which you want to unlink) At the bottom of your screen where it says “Apple ID” tap on it You should see all your accounts listed If you only have one account for your phone then de-select it by tapping the green checkmark next to it and selecting the red X that appears in the box instead If you have two accounts like in your case then select the account that you want to unlink from your phone and tap “sign out” Repeat step 5 for the second account When finished, restart your iPhone (Settings > General > Restart)

Your iPhone will now be completely unlinked from any email accounts. Keep in mind, though, this means that all contacts associated with those email accounts will be deleted from the handset so if you need them later on it will require a backup/restore or data transfer using iTunes. Also, please note that when you remove an email address under Settings>Mail Contacts Calendars>Accounts it appears to remove it but really doesn’t – only removing it through Mail>Accounts will remove an email address.

How to stop sharing contacts between iOS devices

I’ve heard horror stories about people getting added to another person’s iPhone as a backup/device because the new phone, new Apple ID. This can result in unwanted photos and messages being sent to other phones from your old device. Also, if you use iCloud services on the new phone including Photo Streams, it will automatically send most of your latest photos to this random person just by connecting their new device with the same Apple ID!

A bunch of text warnings for non-iPhone users. OK, next step:

The username or email address is incorrect. Please try again. If the problem continues, contact iTunes Store Support

I hope it’s not something so ridiculously obvious that I’m overlooking – I’ve already tried resetting my PW and it didn’t work.

Update: After about an hour of attempting this, I get a message saying that the user account is no longer associated with my phone number or email address. My guess is that after all of these unsuccessful attempts they finally disabled some setting. Super annoying!

Finally, I’m in and able to manage my devices… but wait… where’s the device holding most of my data!?

Apparently, Apple does not offer any way to disassociate one device from another except by wiping both and restoring from backup on a fresh new install – which implies that if you don’t have your old iTunes backup, you’ll lose everything! Since there is no other way to deactivate a second device without wiping it completely clean not be done on the phone itself, this presents a major problem if you have multiple devices associated with one iPhone. So unless you are a super-nerd that keeps all your iTunes backups forever and never does any kind of restore from backup for any reason, I really see no way around this issue when it comes to unwanted device associations since Apple offers no alternative.

How to fix common iPhone and iPad syncing problems

If you’ve got a Mac, follow these steps:

Connect your iPhone to your computer by USB Leave the iPhone at this screen (if it suggests you do something with iTunes, ignore it): Click on the iPhone icon in the menu bar. You should see “Back up” if all is well. If not… Go to System Preferences -> Users & Groups -> Select current user account Check the box next to Allow access for assistive devices. Press OK Close the System Preferences window and when prompted click Restart Open iTunes again When prompted select Back Up Now The backup will start automatically The backup may take several minutes  – don’t be alarmed!   It’s usually pretty quick though.

The backup process will happen whether or not you sync your iPhone with iTunes.

If you’ve got a Windows PC, follow these steps:

1. Connect your iPhone to your computer by USB 2.  Leave the iPhone at this screen (if it suggests you do something with iTunes, ignore it): 3.  Click on the “Safely Remove Hardware and Eject Media” icon in the system tray near clock 4.  You should see an image of your connected device (iPhone) 5.  Right-click on that device and select “Back up” 6. A new window will pop up – choose where to save the backup file 7- If all is well, once finished the message below should appear 8- You will notice that the iPhone icon in your system tray has turned green indicating a successful backup. And if you need to restore from one computer to another, you can simply select the “Restore” option and choose your device from those listed. The bottom line is this: do not sync with iTunes unless you are absolutely sure of what you’re doing. With iOS 5 Apple has moved away from syncing (and with its successor) completely, yet traditional apps still work fine for most people. If you really don’t want to use iCloud there are alternatives such as Dropbox and Google Drive, or maybe even some third-party software.

It’s not a secret that you can change the date and time on your iPhone or iPad. Change is important when you travel between different time zones, and for some technical reasons: it will fix an incorrect battery percentage reading in the status bar.

Let’s start with the simple – go to Settings -> General -> Date & Time . There are three options here: Set Automatically, Set manually (on the main screen), and Set automatically (the second screen). By changing this setting you can easily switch between Nightstand Clock mode and a regular one. The difference between them is only in appearance – The big Text option lets you use a large font which makes it easy to read at night while using small fonts during the day.

When it comes to the set time, you will need some help from Siri. Just ask her: “Set date +name of the month” or “set time + name of an hour”. Siri will do it for you and show the result in the Clock app.

Unfortunately with iOS 11 some problems arose when working with dates. In particular, notes created using the Notes app (though not necessarily) were displayed incorrectly after updating to iOS 11. As a fix, we recommend inputting correct data manually instead of just relying on automatic conversion, although this method takes longer than before.

If the automated date is shown incorrectly and you can’t switch back to the previous version of iOS then there’s no other way out but to use contacts as a reference point in order to avoid problems.

For example, you have a note with an incorrect date and time and want to change them:

Tap Edit, then in the top right corner, tap on Invite Someone. Then type the contact name. Now you’ll see that each letter is followed by (c): this means that the information will come from the Contacts app.

In order to find out whether any of your contacts have the correct date go to Contacts App -> edit -> search for date or time item in one of your contacts’ cards and add it as a reference point and then you can fix all the other items containing incorrect data. By doing so, when editing dates there should be no difference between new card creation and editing existing ones. Unfortunately, there’s no way to change the time zone on the devices yet.

If you don’t have a computer with iTunes, then this is what you should do if there’s no other solution:

– Delete your Notes App and restore from iCloud backup. Though it will not be fully restored — it won’t contain all notes made within iOS 11.

– If there also were contacts in that iCloud backup they’ll also appear in Contacts app, but their names might be outdated and therefore incorrect. So we recommend using one of the following fix options:

Fix 1 – Delete all the contacts and make them again by adding those who have correct information (iCloud Backup). This option will replace old contacts with new ones, but only if they have the same name.

Fix 2 – Add a contact with correct information, search all the contacts in your phone and add them to that new card. This option is much more time-consuming because it might require you to browse through many notes and make hundreds of small actions, but it will fix all the items at once. Just remember that synced data will not be affected by changes made in iCloud backup or imported from an old device. So if you’ve changed some dates or set up reminders then those changes won’t be reflected in your iPhone after restoring lost data from iCloud Backup (however this problem can be solved). To fix this issue, just add reminders for the tasks currently present on the Calendar app.

How do I separate my iPhone from my husbands?

You can use your iCloud account to create two different Apple ID’s, one for each of you. This way you can have two different sets of apps and data on each device.

What happens if I use the same Apple ID on two devices?

If you use the same Apple ID on two devices, then all of your data will be synced between the devices. This includes apps, music, photos, and more.

How do I unlink my two iPhones?

You can unlink your two iPhones by following these steps:
Open the Settings app on one of your iPhone devices.
Select “iCloud” and then “Sign Out.”
On the other device, open the Settings app and select “iCloud” and then “Sign Out.”
Turn off Bluetooth on both devices to disconnect them from each other.

How do I keep Apple devices separate?

We recommend using iCloud Family Sharing to keep Apple devices separate. This will allow you to share certain apps and media with your family members while keeping others private. You can also use iCloud Family Sharing to send messages, photos, and videos between family members.

How do I separate a shared Apple ID?

Apple ID’s are not shared. You can log into any device with your Apple ID and download apps, movies, and music. If you want to share an account with someone, you can set up Family Sharing and share purchases.

How do I unlink a device from the same Apple ID?

If you have an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, Apple has a process for un-linking your device from the same Apple ID. To do so, go to Settings > General > About. Scroll down to the “Serial Number” field and tap on it seven times. You will then be taken to a screen that says, “You are now no longer linked to this device.

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