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How do I unsubscribe from a Facebook group?


  1. From your News Feed tap then tap “Groups”.
  2. Select the group you want to “leave”.
  3. Tap Joined below the cover photo and select “Leave Group”.

How to Cancel Facebook Subscription

Please note that if you are an active member of the group (i.e., you view discussions, post comments, and/or contribute to content), your request will not be accepted. We have found that members who continue to participate in groups they wish to leave often receive additional messages about the discussion which they find intrusive. If you intend not to serve as an advocate for our views, it is easiest just to stop participating altogether once things turn sour. >:( Please make sure that all information in your profile is correct!  This includes the following fields: name, gender, employer, location, relationship status, and interests. Your email address MUST be correct, or else I can’t find you!!!   I don’t want to have to scour multiple cities looking for you, my love!   PROUD OF THE FACT THAT WE BOTH LISTEN TO THE SAME MUSIC

You will also get a lot more requests if your profile pic is not you. Okay, forget that part. You should change it anyway!! Your profile pic can be anyone at all really…a cow…or a piggybacking on a pig… Have fun with it! But no nudity, please!!!

How To Leave Facebook Groups in Facebook Mobile Application

This is the Email Notification Pro Code we are going to use: (be sure to copy this into Notepad first and then paste it in again) bcc: [email protected] Hey lovers

The solution to an annoying thread or post in a Facebook group is to unsubscribe from the group. It’s simple and doesn’t require you to actually delete your account.

Go to the group page of which you want to leave, you can also search for groups by clicking on More at the bottom right of any Facebook page.

Click on “Leave Group” or “Unsubscribe.” Both will work the same way but I prefer just leaving because it feels like less work than unsubscribing every single time!

After a moment, you’ll get a notification that your request was accepted/denied. You may have one more step if you’re on the group page but I’ll show that in Tip #15.

If your request was accepted, you should get a confirmation email saying so as well as an email from Facebook acknowledging it.

My apologies if this isn’t too helpful but I can’t remember what’s exactly required of friends who leave groups or if there is a timeline for completing the action. But if you check out your notifications box and messages tab after leaving a group it should tell you how much time you have to follow through with the next step in the process. Or just go ahead and complete them now while you still remember!

TipOfTheDay – Did You Know? The “More” button at the bottom right of any Facebook page takes you to an area of your account where you can do all sorts of things including:

Change privacy settings for the group, event, and/or album you’re currently viewing.

See what apps people have added to their accounts and remove them from yours. You may have even forgotten about some of these! (It does not seem like there’s a way to delete the app from your iTunes account so don’t panic if you don’t see it on your computer.) Just click “Remove” and it will no longer show up in your list of apps.

Block or unblock someone who is bothering you on Facebook by clicking on “Block…” next to that person’s name. Although this could be done via Messenger if you want to restrict your blocking to just that person. Report a post or group as spam, offensive, or in violation of Facebook’s terms.

To access this area, click on More under the fbook logo on the upper right side of any page in your account and then choose Account Settings from the dropdown menu. From there look for Apps and Websites > Edit next to Apps Others Use section and edit settings accordingly. You can also reach it by choosing “Statement & Privacy” next to Contact Info instead and then clicking on Edit Profile next to the “Policies” link toward the bottom left of your screen. This is where you would go if someone reports an app you added!

TipOfTheDay – Feed your brain! If you like reading, stop yourself from scrolling all the way to the bottom of a Facebook post just because it’s hard to keep track of where you are in an article.

Open the Facebook app on your phone or go to facebook.com on your laptop/desktop. Find an article that interests you and open it up. Then click “View Post” at the top right so that it expands into full-screen mode. This allows for easier reading but still keeps you updated if there are comments below the original post or direct messages from people who tagged you on their own posts!

To scroll back up and view the rest of the article, simply swipe left on your phone or mouse to move your cursor up (on a computer) and then click anywhere in the top area.

TipOfTheDay – If you’re still reading this I’ll assume that by now you’ve read all 10 tips and know-how to stop yourself from scrolling at any time on Facebook! So if you’re one of those people who are never used to talking for more than a few minutes in person…what is it with Facebook? Well here’s a little encouragement:

In real life, we can’t be communicating with every single person around us 24/7 and must prioritize our attention to make sure everyone gets their fair share. And sometimes that’s hard to do! It’s even harder online where we never actually see the other person and only have their words (and photos!) to go off of. So if you’re one of those people who just like talking for hours on end, stop yourself from scrolling so much. Instead, take a break in between each conversation to recharge your social batteries before jumping into the next group chat or private message or comment thread. Also, remember that sometimes our best moments are when we stop ourselves from going too far out of our way to get more attention.

And there you have it! I hope you find these tips helpful and useful in getting the most out of Facebook – whether it be an everyday tool or something fun to use every once in a while.

How far can I get away with scrolling before it’s considered a habit? If you’re an avid Facebook user and find yourself just randomly scrolling on Facebook for hours upon hours (with breaks to talk to people), then that might be problematic.

But if you feel like the occasional 2-3 hour scroll every now and then is not doing any harm, let me know how this article makes you feel tomorrow! Here are some tips to make sure all your browsing stays healthy so you don’t end up messing around online all day.

How do I unsubscribe from a Facebook group?

1. From your News Feed tap then tap Groups.
2. Select the group you want to leave.
3. Tap Joined below the cover photo and select Leave Group.

How do I close my Facebook account permanently?

Select Settings and Privacy, then click Settings. Click Your Facebook Information on the left column. Click Deactivation and Deletion at the bottom of the page. Choose Permanently Delete Account, then confirm your choice by clicking Continue to Account Deletion.