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how do i unsubscribe from goodreads?


  1. There are a few ways to unsubscribe from Goodreads.
  2. You can either go to your Account Settings and click on the “Email Subscriptions” tab, or you can click on the “Unsubscribe” link at the bottom of any email from Goodreads.

how do i unsubscribe from goodreads

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How do I cancel my subscription to Goodreads?

To cancel your subscription to Goodreads, first log in to your account. Once you’re logged in, click on the “Account” tab and then select “Cancel Subscription.

How do I stop getting emails from Goodreads?

There are a few ways to stop getting emails from Goodreads. You can unsubscribe from their email list, change your notification settings, or delete your account.

How do I delete my Goodreads account on mobile?

To delete your Goodreads account on mobile, open the Goodreads app and tap the menu icon in the top left corner. Scroll down and select “Settings,” then tap “Delete Account.” Follow the instructions to delete your account.

What happens when you delete Goodreads?

If you delete your Goodreads account, all of your data (including reviews, ratings, and books) will be permanently deleted and cannot be recovered.

How do I delete notifications on Goodreads?

To delete notifications on Goodreads, first open the notification center. Then, find the notification you want to delete and swipe it to the left. Finally, tap “Delete.

How do I remove Goodreads from my Kindle?

To remove Goodreads from your Kindle, open the Settings menu and select Applications. Under Applications, find Goodreads and tap the menu button (three vertical dots) on the right. Tap Remove and confirm by tapping Remove again.

Can you reset Goodreads?

Yes, you can reset Goodreads. To do so, go to your account settings and select the “reset your account” option. This will delete all of your books, reviews, and ratings from the site.

Is Goodreads free?

Yes, Goodreads is free to use. You can create a profile, add books to your shelves, and track what you’re reading. You can also join groups, read book reviews, and find book recommendations.

Is there a problem with Goodreads?

There is no problem with Goodreads as a site. However, there are some issues with the way it is used. Some users have complained about how Goodreads can be used to compare books to others, and how this can lead to unhealthy competition and comparison among readers. Additionally, there have been complaints about the way Goodreads can be used to create “reading lists” that pressure people to read more books.

How do I delete an author account on Goodreads?

To delete an author account on Goodreads, you need to first log in to your account. Once you are logged in, click on the “Settings” tab at the top of the page. Under the “Account” section, click on “Delete Account”. Follow the instructions on the page to delete your account.

Is Goodreads on Kindle free?

Yes, Goodreads is free on Kindle. It’s a great way to keep track of the books you’ve read and want to read.

How do I join Goodreads?

To join Goodreads, go to the website and click “join now.” You will need to provide your name, email address, and password. You will also be asked to choose a username. After you join, you can add books to your shelf, write reviews, and participate in discussion groups.

Is Goodreads safe?

Goodreads is a safe website to use. It has a number of safety features in place, such as password protection and a privacy policy that ensures your personal information is kept confidential.

What’s the point of Goodreads?

Goodreads is a social networking site for book lovers. It allows users to track the books they are reading, see what their friends are reading, and connect with other book lovers. It also has features that allow users to find new books to read and write reviews of the books they have read.

Should I join Goodreads?

Yes, Goodreads is a great site for book lovers. It’s a social networking site for book lovers where you can track the books you’re reading, see what your friends are reading, and join discussions about books.