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How do you cancel a sale on Shpock?


  1. If you commit to buying an item but change your mind.
  2. You’ll need to speak to the seller and mutually agree to cancel the sale.
  3. Which the seller can do from their listing page.
  4. Alternatively, the buyer can also cancel the sale if they’ve not had delivery confirmation from the seller within six days of paying.

Selling Products Online With The Shpock App


Can I cancel a sale as a seller?

Yes, you can cancel a sale as a seller. The buyer will be notified and refunded for the cost of the item and any shipping costs.

What happens if you cancel a deal on Shpock?

If you cancel a deal on Shpock, the seller will be notified and they can either cancel the deal themselves or wait for a buyer to purchase it. If the seller cancels the deal, they will receive a refund of their commission fee.

How do I cancel a sold listing?

The easiest way to cancel a sold listing is to go into the listing and click on “Cancel this Listing” in the left-hand menu.

Can a seller cancel a sale after payment?

Yes. A seller has the right to cancel a sale after payment, but they must refund the buyer for their payment and any shipping if applicable.

Does Shpock charge to sell?

Shpock does not charge sellers for listing items on the site. Shoppers are charged a 10% fee for each purchase, which is paid by the seller.

Is it safe to sell on Shpock?

I would not recommend selling on Shpock. Although the site is secure, there are many reports of people being scammed by buyers or sellers.

What if a buyer wants to cancel an order?

To cancel an order, the buyer must contact the seller within a certain amount of time. This period varies depending on the website and the type of item being sold. The buyer should also be aware that if they cancel their order, any shipping or handling charges will not be refunded to them.

What are the steps to cancel a transaction?

Go to the account settings page
Click on “Transactions”
Click on “Cancel transaction”.

How do you cancel a sale on eBay after it’s sold?

The seller can cancel the sale by contacting eBay. The buyer should also contact eBay to cancel the purchase if they are able to do so.

Can I cancel a sale on eBay if buyer hasn’t paid?

The buyer has to agree to cancel the sale before you can do so. If they have not responded, then you cannot cancel the sale.

When can you cancel an eBay sale?

You can cancel an eBay sale if the buyer reports the item as lost or stolen.

How do you cancel orders on eBay?

The easiest way to cancel an order on eBay is to contact the seller. They will provide you with a cancellation number, which cancels the order and refund the money back to your account. If you are unable to get in contact with the seller, go to eBay’s “My Messages” section and select “Cancel Order”.

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