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How do you delete a DeviantART post?


  1. Locate the trashcan icon on the deviation you’d like to delete.
  2. Clicking “Cancel” on the dialog box will take you back to the deviation page without deleting your work.
  3. Clicking “Delete” will remove your deviation permanently.

how to delete deviantART

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How do you delete a DeviantART post?

I really do not know! I just made a mistake and need to delete it asap. The problem is that the little trash bin/remove post symbol doesn’t appear on my post, making me think it’s deleted forever. I guess… But yesterday some people wrote on this thread: “If you accidentally posted something and can’t figure out how to delete it, go to ‘My Account’, and find your post(s) in the ‘view all my posts’ list. Click on it and there should be a delete button.

How do you delete DeviantArt pictures?

First, you need to make sure the pictures are marked as ‘NOT SAFE FOR WORK’ because otherwise it will give you a warning. So if you go to the picture’s URL and see that there’s no flag on top of it then it’s safe to proceed without any problems. If, however, there IS a flag then right-click on it, press “Properties”, then click on the tab called ‘General’ which is next to the ‘Location (URL)’ one. On this page you need to look for a button that says ‘Mark non-safe’ and simply press it, then the flag will become red letting you know that you can’t open this web page at work. Now you can go on and delete the image/picture/photo from DeviantArt, no problem.

Should I delete my DeviantArt account?

Regardless of why you’re wanting to cancel your DeviantArt account, you’ll discover that deactivating it is quite simple and well worth the effort. Accounts can put you in a contemplative mood as you tidy up your data and avoid future identity theft by removing them.

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