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How do you delete a Facebook account straight away?


Delete a Facebook account straight away follow the instructions below:

  1. Click on the triangle dropdown icon at the top right corner of your Facebook page.
  2. Go to Settings. Click on Your Facebook Information.
  3. Choose Deactivation and deletion.
  4. Select Permanently delete account and Continue to account deletion.
  5. Click Delete account.

How To Permanently Delete Facebook Account

How to Delete Facebook Account

For all those who are not satisfied with the Facebook atmosphere and want to get rid of it for different reasons, here’s a better solution. This tutorial is meant only for people who want to delete their Facebook accounts and nothing else. So if you’re thinking about deactivating your account temporarily or permanently, you might not like this guide at all because we’ll approach this by deleting an entire profile and making it completely inaccessible.

1.Log into your account

2. Go to the Security section – where you can find the Account Settings page link ( 1 )  among other options such as Login Notifications etc. Scroll down till you see two links Delete My Account and Deactivate Account. The first one deletes the whole profile and the second one deactivates it so you can quickly get back at any time.

3. After clicking on the Delete My Account link, you’ll be redirected to a new page where Facebook will ask for additional confirmation ( 2 ). Once there, click on another link which says “Delete my account” again.

4. A pop-up window will immediately appear asking you if you’re certain that you want to delete your FB account ( 3 ). It asks whether you’re sure about deleting this profile because once it’s gone, it cannot be brought back ever again. So think hard before doing anything inside this box to make 100% sure that this is what want to do in reality !!! When done with thinking, click on the button called “Delete My Account” once again.

5. The next thing to do is enter your password and captcha code in order to delete your account permanently ( 4 ). You have to type in these characters exactly how you see them because if they are wrong, then the account won’t get deleted for sure. After doing this step, press on another link that says “Confirm”. This will finally delete your Facebook profile for good so might as well grab a beer now before actually clicking it!

6. Well done! You’ve successfully deleted your FB profile so let’s hope that you won’t regret all of this later ๐Ÿ™‚ Enjoy the internet without Facebook while surfing through our website! Have fun while it lasts.

How do I permanently delete Facebook account immediately?

Deactivate Facebook account Guide
Open Facebook and go to the settings (the gear wheel) in the left-hand menu. Go to Security in the account settings on the right side menu. At the bottom of the page you’ll see a link labeled “Deactivate your account,” which you should click on. A confirmation page will appear; confirm it by clicking Confirm. You’re ready!

Can you delete Facebook straight away?

You may deactivate your account for as long as you’d like, but if you log back into or use the account to access a linked app/service, it will begin the reactivation procedure. If you decide to permanently delete your Facebook profile: You won’t be able to reactivate it.

How long does it take for Facebook to delete an account?

It takes Facebook 90 days to fully remove your account. That is 30 days more than the 15-day period that you were previously given by Facebook to cancel a deletion request. If you don’t cancel the request within 30 days, it will take Facebook another 60 days to delete your data.

How can I permanently delete my Facebook account without waiting for 14 days?

Go to your Facebook account settings and then choose Edit Personal Information. Deactivation and deletion can be found under Privacy Settings on the left-hand side of the page. Select permanently delete Account from the drop-down menu, then click Continue button after that.

Does it take 30 days to delete Facebook?

Your account and all of your information will be permanently deleted after 30 days, and you won’t be able to retrieve it. It might take up to 90 days for everything you’ve posted to be erased.

How can I delete my Facebook account 2021 instantly?

Simply go to Settings > Security > Deactivate Your Account in your browser if you’re using one. On iPhone or Android, open the Facebook mobile app and go to Settings > Account Settings > Security \Account Deactivate.

Will Facebook delete my account if I don’t use it?

Facebook does not delete your account automatically after two years of inactivity. It’s something you must do from the “Account Settings” page. Your account can’t be reactivated once it’s been deleted. All of your data, including your Timeline, photos, friend lists, and other personal information, are removed.

Is it easy to delete a Facebook account?

It is rather simple and painless to deactivate Facebook. Your Timeline and other information will be deleted from Facebook if you do it, but only until you reactivate your account. … You won’t be able to access your account again or retrieve any of your stuff or data if you delete Facebook.

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